Married For 31 Years, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Reveal What Happy Couples Can Do For Each Other For "Happily Ever After"

Married For 31 Years, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Reveal What Happy Couples Can Do For Each Other For "Happily Ever After"

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been together for years. They have one of Hollywood's longest marriages and is an inspiration to the whole world.

To fall in love is easy but to marry the one you love and continue in love is difficult. It requires the two people to commit and trust each other. While Hollywood may be the place for juicy gossips, affairs and heartbreaking divorces, it is also the place that has seen some extraordinary movie like love stories and marriages. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are a perfect example. The couples who have been married for over 31 years still gush about each other in admiration. Their magical love story stands apart with their timeless love for each other.


The film Volunteers was the turning point in their life. The actors who were filming together could not stop themselves from just being an on-screen romantic couple. Though they had met each other in the past during the ABC comedy, Bosom Buddies and were attracted to each other, Tom was married at the time and Rita too was engaged. However, they shared a great connection and knew their heart pounded whenever they saw a glance of each other.


Three years after the movie Volunteers, with circumstances in their favor, the couple tied that knot. 31 years down the lane, nothing has changed for the couple. They remained a strong pillar for each other even when times were hard and painful. "The success of our relationship was a matter of timing, maturity, and our willingness to have an intimate connection," said Tom Hanks to Oprah in 2001. Having been together for so long, the couple never shies away from spilling the ingredients that keep them happy and committed. 

1. Keep your communication channels open


In an interview with US Weekly, Rita told the media that the couple works really hard to keep their relationship going. Love brought them together but to stay married and committed to each other for years takes efforts. Rita and Tom did just that. "...Not only do we love each other, we really like each other, and we like being together, and we support each other and we keep the communication channels open. That’s always important,” said the actress.

2. Simple things count


They may be stars in Hollywood with busy lives and exhausting schedules but finding time for each other was important to them and their relationship. While we might agree romance dies off after a few years of marriage, Tom and Rita did not allow that in their relationship. "I view my wife as my lover, and we have a bond that goes beyond words like wife or girlfriend or mother. I can’t imagine my life without her. I often leave notes for her near the phone or somewhere in the kitchen. I wish her a good day and stuff like that. I type notes for her using the antique typewriters that I collect — I have more than a hundred. And also, I have a habit of sending a photo report of my day to Rita. I take pictures of everything around me when she is not with me: what I eat for lunch, who I meet, what I shoot. I think she likes it," said Tom. 

3. Show them you care, in crisis as well as every day 


In 2015, their relationship was tested when Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Tom was right there by her side. "You never know how your spouse is going to react in a situation like this. I was so amazed, so blown away by the care my husband gave me. It was such a normal, intimate time," said Rita to MSN.

In an interview with People, Rita revealed that Tom always gives her foot rubs at the end of her tough day.  “I don’t even have to ask for them,” she says. "He always gives me back and foot rubs. He’s just cool." His spontaneous gestures often make her laugh but also show her how much he cares for her. "Sometimes we are just sitting on the couch talking or something like that... It’s heavenly," said the actress.

4. Make each other laugh


Before they become a couple, Tom and Rita shared a great friendship which eventually added to the strengthening of their relationship. Tom says that laughing together with his love in the early hours of the day is a ritual. "We laugh just as much now at two in the morning as we always have. And we fight less and less."

5. Make compromises


Before Tom got married to Rita, the actor changed his faith. Tom who knew Rita it was important for Rita to be married in her faith decided to sacrifice for her. "I sacrificed something for my wife. Rita has Greek roots and they have the Orthodox faith. And I was a Catholic, so before getting married I converted my faith out of deep respect to her family,” said Tom

6. Respect your partner for who they are


Tom loved Rita for who she was and never wanted her change. It was even one of the first things he told her. "I’ll never forget, we were standing on the corner of 57th and 5th in New York, or 58th and 5th, we were holding hands, and we were waiting for the traffic light to change. And he looked at me and he said, ‘You know, I just want you to know, that you never have to change anything about who you are in order to be with me'," said Rita Wilson. Though times changed, that promise remained the same. "That woman has loved me skinny, she’s loved me fat. She’s loved me bald, she’s loved me hairy. That woman, I know, loves me. So, I’m a lucky man," said Tom.