Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Cut All Ties After Divorce, Despite Having Daughter Together | That's How Bad The Split Was

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Cut All Ties After Divorce, Despite Having Daughter Together | That's How Bad The Split Was

Tom Cruise does not have a relationship with his daughter. Holmes, on the other hand, is a devoted mother.

Relationships can sometimes end in ways you never expected it to. Despite the good times, you enjoyed with the person you once loved, you are left with bitterness and disappointment. Katie Holmes began dating Tom Cruise in April 2005. Though the couple had their good days, their relationship ended on bad terms.


Growing up, Holmes had a crush on Cruise. However, she never imagined it to materialize into something real. Speaking to Hollywood Reporter, she revealed, "I think every little girl dreams about (her wedding). I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

Fortunately or unfortunately, Holmes met her favorite hero and actor in person in April 2005. Soon, rumors about them dating came out in public. It was the beginning of a whirlwind romance that was envied by many. The couple welcomed their daughter, Suri in April 2006, and soon, their love translated into a wedding in November 2006.


The actress converted to Scientology and began their journey as a family. However, their marriage was brief. Holmes left Scientology and filed for divorce in 2012. Her attorney stated that the matter was "private" and also claimed that her primary concern was her daughter. Meanwhile, a source close to the actor said he was deeply saddened by the event.

After the divorce, the former couple was reluctant to continue communication with each other, according to Mirror Online. Cruise reportedly never met his daughter after the divorce was filed. Later, Holmes revealed how the divorce affected her.  "That time was intense. It was a lot of attention, and I had a little child on top of it. We had some funny moments out and about in public. So many people I didn’t know became my friends and helped us out. There was one incredible moment when I think I actually cried," stated the mother of one to InStyle.


She continued, "Suri was six or seven, and she was spending the night at a friend’s house while I was seeing the ballet at Lincoln Center. At 10 o’clock I got a call: 'Mommy, can you come get me?' I got a cab and went down to Battery Park to pick her up. She was exhausted. She fell asleep on the way home, and when we pulled up to our building, the cab driver opened the door and helped me not wake her. He helped carry her to the building. He was so kind."

With the divorce gaining a lot of attention from the public and the media, Holmes revealed she preferred staying indoors.  "As a public person, I've gotten a lot of attention at different periods in my life. And when you have a lot of attention, sometimes you don't want to leave the house because it's just too much. You can get consumed by what people think, but suddenly you just decide to do things on your own terms. I feel like I'm finally figuring that out," stated the Batman Begins star. However, she knew she could not get herself to be consumed by divorce complications. She wanted to focus on her little girl.


She continued her life being a devoted mother and even turned away men, who could not be involved with her child. Reportedly, she split from the actor, Jamie Foxx after dating for years due to her worries as a single mother. It shows how important her daughter is to her. "I have to say, I did recently see some fansite [about Suri] posted when she was a baby, and it was very intense. We were followed a lot when she was little. I just wanted her outside, so I would walk her around to find parks at, like, six in the morning when nobody would see us. But there’s one video where I’m holding her — she was two at the time — and she starts waving at the cameras. She’s pretty special," said the actress about her baby girl.