Tina Turner’s Husband Sacrificed His Kidney to Save Her Life | “He Didn’t Want Another Woman”

Tina Turner’s Husband Sacrificed His Kidney to Save Her Life | “He Didn’t Want Another Woman”

She found love and comfort with Erwin Bach after an abusive marriage.

Tina Turner is a well-known singer recognized for her strong voice. The mega-star has slowed down in recent years owing to health and personal concerns. Her spouse, Erwin Bach, has remained constant in his support. However, it wasn't the case in her first marriage.

Ike Turner, her first husband, gave her the surname she is known for. Tina met Ike in a Manhattan nightclub and the two have been almost inseparable since. They began producing music together, but their bond eventually grew more intimate. Tina and Ike married in Tijuana, Mexico in 1962, just a few years after their first encounter, reports Oprah Daily.




While their marriage appeared to be picture-perfect on the surface, it was collapsing on the inside. Tina reported in her book My Love Story years later that the marriage was brutal, both physically and verbally. She described Ike's behavior and how he would become physically aggressive if he believed Tina had disrespected him in any manner. The assault continued for years until Tina decided enough was enough and divorced Ike in 1976. She formally divorced him two years later. 

Following this, Tina was determined to remain unmarried. Until she happened to meet Erwin Bach by coincidence. Tina met Erwin when his work sent him to pick her up from the airport. Tina was about to play in Germany when she met her now-husband, a 30-year-old EMI music executive.




Tina says that she had an instant attraction toward Erwin, "He had the prettiest face. You could not miss it. My heart went bu-bum. It means that a soul has met. My hands were shaking. And Roger said to me, ‘Tina, you ride with Erwin,’ and I wanted to go, ‘Yay!'" 

Tina invited Erwin to visit her in the United States, which he accepted. Tina was confident that Erwin was the one when the couple met in her area of the world. His unassuming and laid-back demeanor endeared him to the vocalist. They got married in 2013 after being together for 27 years and they are extremely in love, per Smooth Radio.

Erwin describes their relationship to Harpers Bazaar, "It’s love. It’s something we both have for each other. I always refer to it as an electrical charge. I still have it. Even though when I left her two hours ago, I still have that feeling. It’s in my heart. I feel very warm about this." 




Tina's life had just settled down until she received some bad health news. Tina received the diagnosis of kidney cancer in 2016. Regular dialysis or a kidney transplant were her only alternatives. The latter would allow her to live a semi-normal life, but kidney donors were scarce. Fortunately for her, Erwin stepped in. Her husband paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his beloved.

She told Oprah, "He said he didn’t want another woman, or another life. Then he shocked me. He said he wanted to give me one of his kidneys." 

Tina's health improved after Erwin's effort. However, just as things were starting to look good again, her life took another tragic turn. Craig Turner, Tina Turner's firstborn son, died. He was Tina's son from a previous relationship, but Ike Turner had officially adopted him. Despite everything, Erwin stood by Tina's side and offered his support throughout everything.




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