Doctors Warn People About The Viral Tik Tok Trend Of Pouring Hot Wax On Their Face

Doctors Warn People About The Viral Tik Tok Trend Of Pouring Hot Wax On Their Face

Another foolish trend has caught the internet by the storm!

The internet is always coming up with new trends. While some might look interesting and fun, others are just way too bizarre. According to Metro, the latest viral trend on Tik Tok is the full face wax treatments, and it is as weird as it sounds.

Renaz Ismael from Kapsalon Freedom Barbershop in the Netherlands earned millions of fans after he shared videos of people having hot resin poured all over their faces. The hot resin is then pulled off the face like hot wax. While the barber claims the treatment is safe and has been beneficial for his clients, medical experts have a different opinion. 

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Many experts have asked the public not to try the procedure at home. Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Sharon Wong, stated that using hot wax can damage your skin. 

"Using hardened wax to remove hair from the nostrils and ears not only potentially damages the skin lining these orifices and risks infection, but also risks getting wax stuck in the ear canals and nostrils, requiring surgical intervention to remove," said Wong. She added, "In more serious cases there could be danger of inhaling fragments of the wax into the airways, and those individuals who have gone to the extreme and covered the mouth with a full face layer of wax puts themselves at risk of asphyxiation."

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She further explained the risks of removing hard wax from sensitive areas. "‘There are of course other elements of damage that can be caused, namely to the skin around the eyes as it is the thinnest on the body, and stripping hard wax off of this area poses a real possibility of tearing the skin. Eyelashes and brows are there to help trap dirt, dust and wick moisture away from the eyes, and removal of the hair in these areas can result in eye irritation and excessive watering," said the medical expert. 

Dr. Shirin Lakhani of Elite Aesthetics opined that the trend is especially dangerous as it is not performed by experts. "Firstly, because of the fact that people who are not trained in this area are trying it, and also because of the risks it can pose to the skin on the delicate skin on the face," stated the doctor. 


Experts also said that it was important for people to think if these kinds of trends were good for them or not. 

"Social media platforms have the ability of quickly spreading health and beauty trends, through use of hashtags and challenges, but one thing that is rarely talked about is whether these trends are actually good for you," said Dr. Anjali Mahto of the British Association of Dermatologists, according to the Metro.  She added, "If you do see a beauty trend or challenge on social media, we recommend that you do your research on the potential side effects."