If Someone Can See These 3 Things in You, You Should Keep Them Close

If Someone Can See These 3 Things in You, You Should Keep Them Close

It's these three things that can reveal just how much someone truly and sincerely cares about you and loves you. Don't let them go.

Every day you meet tons of people. Some of them are just in passing while some others slowly start to embed themselves into your life. You don't know how or when it happens but before you know it, you start to care about them. However, some of those people that you care about find ways to hurt you. Either they gradually distance themselves from you or are oblivious to who you really are. 

Because of facing this negativity so many times, finding out who really cares about you can not just become difficult but exhausting too. But then you find a few people who are in tune with even the smaller details of your life, who seem to be there whether you're having a good time or a bad time and who surprise you with meaningful memories. You desperately want to believe them but how can you after being hurt so many times. In that case, you'll know how sincere they are in their feelings when they can see these three things in you:

1. The sorrow behind your smile

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You put on a mask for the world because you don't want to burden others with your pain. It's why sometimes even your family and friends you've known for a long time never know the turmoil you're going through. But for those who really care, whether it's your mother, your friend or even someone who you've just known for months, they'll see right through that mask. They might not voice it or even show you they noticed but the small gestures they make that lift your spirits are their way of showing you that you matter to them. 

2. The love behind your anger

Sometimes your anger doesn't come from a place of frustration or hate. It comes from love. All those times that you've fought with your family or friends when they don't tell you the problems they've been facing, it's because you're angry that they didn't feel the need to come to you. You just want them to be happy and it can get frustrating when you find out that they weren't — that proves your love for them. But for those people you scold, the ones who know that that anger is borne of love and care, keep them close because they see the real and kind you.

3. The reason behind your silence

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There are just some emotions that you cannot put into words. Sometimes, you don't want to tell someone about it and sometimes it's that you can't or don't know how to. But those who care about you notice that silence. But instead of dismissing your emotions or your pain, they find out why you've shut yourself off. They understand that there are times words do no justice to the kind of storm raging inside you. And while they might try to absorb your pain, they also let you know in subtle ways that you can count on them to be there when you finally let all the hurt out. 

When someone notices these three things about you and are there for you unconditionally, keep them close. Because they are the ones who will reciprocate your affection and love. And they value you the way you do them. 

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.