This Massive 4-Pound Carrot Cake Is Exactly What Your Easter Family Meal Needs

This Massive 4-Pound Carrot Cake Is Exactly What Your Easter Family Meal Needs

You can't celebrate Easter without something a little extravagant, not to mention super delicious. Your family will love it!

When you think about Easter, your favorite memories of the day are probably the ones you shared with your loved ones, sitting around a table and feasting over the most festive dishes. This year, there is one particular item that's going to make the day extra special, courtesy of Costco.

For all those big days of the year, Costco has been the go-to superstore for desserts that are large enough to feed half the neighborhood. This time, you can get their delicious carrot cake that's just as yummy as it is extravagant.

Following up their famous 4-pound pumpkin pie and a 5-pound harvest spice cheesecake, Costco has kept up with their reputation of serving people with something that's a treat for your eyes and your tummy. When you get yourself the carrot cake for Easter, what you'll need at the center of your table is this large 4-pound cake that's 10 inches wide, according to Popsugar.


Fair warning: you're going to hear your stomach growl in the next 10 seconds because hearing what the cake tastes like will give you instant cravings. The two-layered spectacle marries the richness of the apricot filling with the crunchiness of walnuts, giving that perfect balance with every spoonful. It's topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting that's covered with crumbs of carrot cake, making every bite of it a pleasure for your palate.

It's an instant crowd pleaser and will leave your entire family wanting more. If you're thinking of skipping the savories and going straight to dessert for your Easter Sunday meal, that sounds like a great idea, too!


One of the customers who bought the 4-pound goodness posted on Instagram, "Mom I’ve got dessert covered for Easter weekend with the fam! I cannot wait to try this new Carrot Walnut Cake from Costco! Featuring an apricot filling and cream cheese icing topped with carrot cake crumbs & toasted walnuts."

One of the comments said, "So glad they brought back the carrot cake!!!" while another said, "Yum. This was my grampa’s [sic] favorite!"

When you step into Costco during your next grocery shopping trip and you decide to walk through the aisle where their cakes are displayed in all their glory, this masterpiece of a cake is sure to grab your attention. Because let's face it, this cake is massive. And you might just end up taking it home as one customer did and then posted on Instagram. The post showed a slice of the cake with all the layers gloriously sitting on a plate, just before it was devoured.


"Went to Costco and this was calling my name. I guess I got weak 😭 No Regrets though because it’s my favorite and THE BEST!" the post caption read.

People on Twitter also love the spectacular dessert. One person said, "Why didn’t anyone tell me how good carrot cake is? I have been missing out for 28 years"


Holidays like Easter should be stress-free and enjoyed in the company of your family. But if you're planning to make a delicious meal, loaded with the flavors of deviled eggs and baked ham, you can round off your meal with carrot cake.

If you prefer making one yourself at home, that would be a great idea, too! Get your kids or your grandchildren to help out and you can add a few more memories to this year's Easter.