The Best Gift Is Letting Them Know They Are Loved | 6 Things To Tell Your Partner, Kids, And Family This Christmas

The Best Gift Is Letting Them Know They Are Loved | 6 Things To Tell Your Partner, Kids, And Family This Christmas

The best gift you can give your family costs absolutely nothing. But the joy it fills them with is priceless.

When you sit in your living room, amidst the mess left after the Christmas festivities, after the presents are stripped from beneath the decorated tree while there's still wrapping paper strewn across the room, take a moment to give your loved ones something that's worth more than presents. This Christmas, show them that they are the biggest blessings in your life and here's how you can tell that to your partner, your children, and your family.

1. "I see everything you do for the family and I appreciate it"

For the partner who stuck by you through the good and bad you faced this year and for the children who pitched in to make the most for your family, it would mean so much to them when you let them know just how much you value their presence in your life. Let your partner know how much you appreciate them for sharing the chores with you, picking up the kids from school, and supporting you in so many ways. Show your loved ones that when the year got rough, it was their support that pushed you on.

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2. "You are perfect just the way you are and I love you for it"

One of the biggest gifts you can give your family, especially your children, is the assurance that they are perfect just the way they are. When your children know that there is absolutely nothing you would want to change about them, they walk home every single day knowing that it's the place where they are most loved. It shows them that they don't need to dress differently, talk differently, or act differently for the acceptance of others and you can be proud that your children won't bend for others.

3. "What makes you special is..."

Sometimes, it's not enough to tell your child, "you are wonderful". It can fall short when you tell your partner, "you are great". It may not be enough to tell your family, "you are amazing". This Christmas, let them know all the reasons you love them. Tell them how talented they are, tell them you are grateful for the way they are with your children, tell them you love their honesty, tell them you love their character, tell them you love the way they make you feel, tell them all the reasons about them that make you love them so dearly.

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4. "I am sorry for..."

For the arguments you had with your parents, for the quarrels you had with your sibling, and for the times you weren't patient with your kids, let this be when you lay them all to rest. Let your family know that you didn't mean to be harsh during those times when the stress got the best of you. Hearing you say, "we may argue, we may fight, but we will always be family no matter what" can strengthen your bond with your loved ones, letting Christmas be the time to let go of grudges and move forward together, hand-in-hand.

5. "This year, I'm thankful for..."

As the end of a year draws closer and the holiday festivities start to quieten, take some time to reflect with your family about the year you have all had together. Add to the Christmas joy by counting all the blessings that your family has enjoyed, and expressing how thankful you are for them, for the good health you've enjoyed, and for the prosperity that your loved ones have had this year. Let your family, too, express their feelings about the year and together, you can share a moment to be grateful for the ups and learning from the down.

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6. "You are irreplaceable in my life"

Most of all, let them know that there is nothing in the world that you would trade your family for. Show your loved ones how grateful you are for them showing up when you needed them; you have seen how you can always count on them for their support. And let them know that they will also always be a priority in your life. With a new year lying ahead, assure each other that whatever 2020 throws your way, you will overcome them as a family and come together next Christmas with more joys to reflect on.

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