7 Reasons Why Women Find Older Men Much More Appealing

7 Reasons Why Women Find Older Men Much More Appealing

An older man doesn't back down when it's time to give a real commitment. They are emotionally stable enough to maturely handle the ups and downs in a relationship.

When you start falling for someone, the last thing that should stop you from giving in to your feelings is the age gap between you both. Age really just becomes a meaningless number when two people connect with each other and having the undying desire to be together, which is why younger women these days don't hold themselves back from loving an older man. Younger women often find something special in older men that younger men don't have. Here's why younger women form a bond with older men.

1. They are mature enough to make you their priority 

Older men are less likely to want to play games and waste their time on casual relationships. And younger women, who are looking for a real commitment, find that older men are mature enough to give them a meaningful relationship. They don't hesitate to picture a future with each other, which some younger men might hesitate to.


2. They are in better touch with their feelings

Older men are more likely to be in touch with their feelings, and hence, give younger women the kind of openness and intimacy that younger men might not be able to. "As people age, they're more emotionally balanced and better able to solve highly emotional problems," said  Laura Carstensen, a psychology professor, and researcher at Stanford. So, women might find that older men have more emotional stability and can hold their ground through the ups and downs in the relationship.

3. They are more likely to give them a better future 

Not only are older men more mature, but they are also more likely to be in a stage where they are not struggling to settle. Developmental psychologist Michelle Drouin told Fatherly that one of the reasons younger women might prefer relationships with older men is that they are at a better position to give them a solid future. He mentioned, "Women don’t want to raise their partners, but neither do men." When there's shared interest and attraction between a younger woman and an older man, she might also see that they both have the resources to start their future together.


4. They don't back down when things get rough

In most cases, older men would have had previous relationships and experiences that have shown them how every relationship is going to have rough patches. But now, they are better equipped to deal with them. They are willing to fix things together and will carry forward the lessons they learned in their past relationships, thus being better able to share a happier relationship with the woman.

5. They're not scared away by a woman who speaks her mind

An older man is less likely to have their ego hurt when he's with a young woman who has a strong attitude and the guts to say exactly what's on her mind. One woman revealed to Cosmopolitan, "I've found that most guys my age have trouble dealing with strong-willed, smart-mouthed girls..." Women find that an understanding older man is more accepting of their opinions and their needs.


6. They put the kind of effort that younger men don't

An increasing number of older men are now putting effort to groom themselves, and this could reflect how they are willing to put in effort into keeping the relationship fresh as well. The store, Debenhams had conducted a study related to the subject and a spokeswoman, Ruth Attridge, said that older men "are increasingly seen as eligible, prospective partners rather than old bores with little energy left to catch the female eye." According to The Telegraph, she also added, “Younger men, by comparison, still feel that they don't really have to try that hard.”

7. They are chivalrous, but not in a stereotypical way

Women aren't looking for partners who will hold doors for them and certainly not jump in to do things for them. But older men are able to treat women with the same respect that young women give them. They might enjoy the traditional pleasures in a relationship, like sharing wine in the garden over "Netflix and chill" but they will always treat them with the kindness they deserve.