6 Things That Reveal Your Long-Term Partner Wants A Happily Ever After With You

6 Things That Reveal Your Long-Term Partner Wants A Happily Ever After With You

The actions of your partner is a clear sign that they want to stay with you and partake in your life.

We are often caught up in a cycle of doubts asking ourselves if our partner is the one for us. Regardless of how long we have been with them, we still tend to have this thought somewhere. But, actions always speak louder than words. Your partner may be very vocal but the way they treat you speaks and it is the best way to know if they are the one in your life. Rather than trusting other's judgments, paying attention to your partner will solve your doubts. If your partner does any of these 6 things they will be around for a long time.

1. They cheer you up when you are down 

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When you are exhausted and cranky, you need someone to hold you and give you a tight hug. If you have a partner who understands the emotions and mental frustration that you are going through, then they will be your strongest support. They will cheer you and make your heavy heart lighter. Your partner who loves you immensely will do whatever it takes to bring your smile back on. Not only will he cheer you up but he will brighten your day by doing things you like.

2. They talk out issues before going to bed

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You might have had a big fight with your partner and may not be interested to make a conversation. However, your partner does not want you to go to bed in anger. They make sure, they talk to you and insists on resolving the problems between each other. Their efforts give no space for misunderstandings and ensure that you have a sound sleep every night. It means they really care for you.

3. They listen to you

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You go through great days and bad days but you cannot think of any instances where you had to make your partner listen to you. Be it frustrations, sadness or excitement, they will always be beside you. Your partner is genuinely interested in sharing your life together with them. You can always count on them. It means your partner wants to be a partaker in everything you go through and wants to stay by your side for long. "A supportive partner listens first before stepping in to fix a problem or provide a solution," says Adrianne Fiala, a social worker, and mental health consultant.

4. They take time to keep the romance alive

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You have been with your partner for years. While you have read that romance dies in a year, you have never experienced that. Your partner brings you flowers, treats you to your favorite chocolates and even surprises you with a home-cooked meal. They make sure you understand how much they love you and is not scared to express their romantic feelings even after years. They make every morning special with the deepest and romantic kiss.

5. They share responsibilities at home

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Your partner never expects you to do all the household chores. On days you are back late from work, they cook you dinner and give you a hand while you are struggling to do the dishes. Your partner believes that everyone should have equal responsibilities and never overburdens you which is very important for any happy relationship. Be it grocery shopping or cleaning the toilets, they always offer to help you. 

6. They support your decisions and are honest

Your partner believes in your capabilities and your decisions. They trust your skills and never doubt them. However, if you are struggling to make up your mind, they will always be there to offer you their honest views. They keep an open mind and make you understand the wrong side of your decision without criticizing or insulting you. They give you the courage and boost your confidence to take up any task without doubting your intelligence.