7 Reasons That Can Push A Loyal Partner To Cheat Even If They Love You

7 Reasons That Can Push A Loyal Partner To Cheat Even If They Love You

Even when you have a happy relationship, your partner might feel insecure and they may go someplace else to seek attention and approval.

When you get into a relationship with someone, there are some things that are sacred between you and your partner. And the moment you see that the physical intimacy between you two has been violated, you feel deeply betrayed by the one person you trusted the most. But even when your partner truly loves you and still cares for you, they can still be pushed to cheat when the following happens.

1. They feel intimidated when you have it all figured out

The sheer confidence that you have is one of the reasons why your partner fell in love with you. But in the relationship, when they see that your so independent and you have everything figured out while they are still struggling through a rough time, they feel intimated by you. Not being able to handle this positively can push them to cheat.

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2. They feel ashamed about not giving you enough and want to release the guilt

Sometimes, your partner might see how much you are doing for them and how you hold the relationship together. When they feel like they are not contributing enough to the relationship, they may feel guilty and rather than being open about it, they may feel suffocated and release their guilt by being with someone else.

3. They see stability in the relationship but think you might abandon them

If your partner has had a difficult past or has had their trust broken too many times before, they might think that you will abandon them even if they see you being committed to the relationship. Even though they see the stability in the relationship you both have, they won't trust it and may think that your relationship will fall apart. And to save themselves from being hurt again, they may become emotionally destructive and cheat on you.

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4. They want an ego boost when you stop giving them attention

It's natural to become busier and it may not be something that you did on purpose. But when your partner sees that you have so much going on and you can't give them the same attention, even though they may still love you, they start seeking validation and approval from anyone else who might give it to them. Cheating on you could even be a cry for help where they end up doing the extreme in an attempt to get your attention.

5. They see how much they have changed because of the relationship

They can see that they have become more open, more loving, and more endearing in the relationship. They start seeing how devoted they have been to you. But it can make them feel like they changed so much that they can't recognize themselves anymore. When they feel like they have been so wrapped up in the relationship, they might feel like cheating is the only way they can get some space.

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6. They are desperate to feel young and spontaneous again

It could be their 45th birthday or it could be a midlife crisis. And it's driving their urge to feel young and carefree again. While they still love you, they want to feel like they are still adventurous. The thrill of pursuing someone new gives them the excitement they desperately want and a break from responsibility.

7. They can't deal with their insecurities and cheating helps avoid them

The moment they feel inadequate or those thoughts of "I'm not good enough" start creeping in, your partner may start avoiding them. Rather than dealing with their insecurities in a healthy way, they might look for a distraction or seek validation from someone else because they are too insecure to tell you that they are feeling weak.

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