6 Things Your Partner Will Do ONLY If They Want Your Relationship To Last

6 Things Your Partner Will Do ONLY If They Want Your Relationship To Last

You can tell by the words they say and the things they do if they truly are committed to giving you a loving and happy relationship.

To build a relationship that lasts takes compromise and patience. But when it feels every bit worth the effort when you spend years with someone who can still make you go weak in the knees. You don't regret a single day of your life when you see just how much your partner and you are willing to build a strong relationship, where both of you feel so loved and cared for. Seeing your partner do these things for you shows how much they want your relationship to last.

1. They cherish every bit of you and never take you for granted 

In a longterm relationship, people often tend to become complacent and start taking each other for granted. But when you see that your partner still looks at you with love, the same way they did when you first got together, it shows how much they cherish you. By simply expressing how much they love you, giving you a heartfelt compliment, or saying "I love this about you" shows how they don't take your presence in their life for granted. Jeffrey Bernstein, licensed psychologist and parent coach, who wrote for Psychology Today, pointed out that happy couples aren't afraid to express their feelings and appreciation for each other. "He or she will be thankful that you did," he wrote.

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2. You're always at the top of their list of priorities

When your partner loves taking you out on dates or they slump into the couch right beside you when you're having a bad day, it shows that they truly do care about how you're doing. They make it a point to spend time with you because they want to stay connected with you and it gives you both a break together from the stress of your everyday life. When you make it a point to be there for your spouse regardless of how stressful everything else in yours or their life can get, "you're essentially making them your partner in retreat as well as in the daily grind. That is a very positive thing," Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert, told Bustle.

3. They want to be a part of your best and worst moments

For all your big and small moments, they are there right by your side. You see them always rooting for you when you take a risk, giving you the encouragement you need, just like you do for them. At the same time, they're also there to catch you when you stumble or fall. "The most important moments and experiences in life are meant to be shared with your partner," said Backe. They picture their entire future with you and would never want to miss anything in your life, both the good and the bad. Even when you're in the middle of a challenge, you'll see your partner pushing you on and showing you all the support you need.

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4. They find ways to be intimate with you, physically and emotionally 

They never stop wanting to learn more about you and love finding ways to stay emotionally and physically close to you. Not only do they listen patiently to everything you say, but they're also open to trying new ways to please you in the bedroom, just like you do for them. They are aware of how your emotions and your body responds to their touch. They even take a genuine interest in the things you enjoy and look forward to sharing the same, be it a new hobby, watching that movie you really like, or even trying something new in the bedroom. Doing this for each other "can also spark deeper feelings of commitment!" said Donna Oriowo, Sexuality Educator and Therapist. 

5. They make it a point to go to bed at the same time as you 

Even if you sleep at different times, seeing that your partner spends time cuddling and asking you about your day before going to bed is their way of checking in on you. It's "one of the most intimate moments in a couple's day," relationship expert Melissa Ferrari told HuffPost Australia. And when you wake up in the morning, they start their day by wrapping their arms around you. When your very first thought after waking up is a reminder of how very loved you are by your life partner, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. 

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6. They never forget to let you know just how much you mean to them

Never hesitating to say those three words to you shows that your partner really wants your relationship to last. When you're apart, they message you once in a while or when you're home sick they call you up to know how you're doing. When you're together and even when you're apart, you both make each other feel safe in the relationship. "This shows your partner you are thinking about them even when you are not physically together, and makes them feel secure," said Ferrari.