6 Things Your Partner Says Or Does In Bed That Reveal How They View Your Relationship

6 Things Your Partner Says Or Does In Bed That Reveal How They View Your Relationship

Either they snuggle up next to you and talk about the future or they make sex feel like 'routine', and here's what it reveals.

You might give anything to read your partner's mind, just so you can know how much they love you. But even if that's not something you can do, you can still get to know your partner's feelings for you by just paying attention to the way they treat you. The thoughts and feelings that they have about you come out as words and actions. If your partner who does or doesn't do these things, it reveals whether they are still passionate about you.

1. Takes time to set the mood and takes it slowly

Not only is your partner romantic, but they are also emotionally invested in the relationship. It may have been a few months, years, or even decades in the relationship, but your partner never takes you for granted and would go the extra mile to make you happy. These are the kind of partners who would take household chores off your hands and would tuck your kids in bed. And they know you so well, aware of exactly what to do to make you feel relaxed in bed and get you in the mood.


2. Expects sex regularly as a routine

If your partner expects you both to have sex the same time every week, making it feel mechanical and almost like its 'routine', it could show how the emotional intimacy that you both once shared is fading away. Staying connected in the relationship is all about that intimacy, both physical and emotional. Without it, everything starts to seem like it's done out of habit and that you're both doing things just for the heck of it.

3. Feels offended or hurt when you say 'no'

You can tell that it's a major red flag when someone is asking you or forcing you to be physically intimate with them. A loving partner would understand you when you are genuinely tired, stressed, or just don't feel like having sex. And they would be willing to take some chores or some of the load off you, so you feel less exhausted or overwhelmed by the end of the day. But on the other hand, if they are not willing to understand what you're going through, and even makes you feel guilty for saying 'no', it shows that they're being selfish. If they start manipulating you, run.

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4. Asks you if you are happy and satisfied

Someone who cares enough to do this is the kind of partner who sees you and themselves equally in the relationship. When they take the effort to understand your likes and dislikes, it shows how they want you to feel the same pleasure and fun that they feel. It also reflects their behavior outside the bedroom as well. In every aspect of the relationship, they would never put you down or forget about your feelings, but make sure that both your needs are tended to.

5. Jumps right out before you get time to snuggle and catch your breath

Being physical or having sex isn't just a way for your bodies to connect, but it's also a time when your emotions align with each other. But when your partner rushes through it and can't wait to get out of bed, they are escaping the emotional intimacy that sex can make way for. When they don't want to cuddle or completely avoid curling up right next to you, there might be an emotional distance that's growing between you both.

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6. Cuddles and talks about life and where you guys are headed

This one is a winner. When they snuggle up beside you and pull you closer in their arms, talking about a future with you, it shows how they are emotionally and physically connected to you. They are not afraid to show you their vulnerabilities and are extremely open with you. And being able to talk about where your relationship is headed shows how they want to spend the rest of their future right by your side.

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