7 Things You Wish Your Partner Had Said To Show That They Cared Too

7 Things You Wish Your Partner Had Said To Show That They Cared Too

You wanted the relationship to work but how could you have done that on your own? All you wanted was for them to show that they cared too

Leaving them was probably the hardest thing you've ever done. But you had no choice because you never saw the signs that they were willing to make it work as much as you were. They took you for granted and let the pain of unsaid words rot the string that held you two together. At some point, just thinking about them exhausted you and you didn't know why you bothered being with them. Yet, you know that if they had just said a few things, you would have known that this bond between you two was worth fighting for.

1. "I know we've had our fights but I would rather talk it out with you"

Your fights were explosive. You said things that hurt each other but at least you were willing to talk about it and try to resolve the hurt. But they shut you out. They made you feel like you were the only one who cared about the relationship. They closeted themselves from you and every time you tried to work things out, they just dismissed you. At one point, you didn't know which hurt more — their words or their silence.



2. "I respect the boundaries you've set"

You don't know why they thought that just because you were together meant that they had the right to control every aspect of your life. They tried to make you distance yourself from your family and friends by constantly forcing you to do things that they liked. You don't even know if they knew what you liked. They thought they owned you. You wish they had realized that you both weren't meant to be one. You were meant to be two individuals who brought joy to each other. 

3. "I know you need some time and space away from everyone."

They never let you have some alone time. They thought that you were meant to spend every minute together and that was suffocating you. They called you selfish every time you wanted to be on your own to give your soul a break. They just never understood but they expected you to give them space and time they wanted.

4. "This relationship matters to me and I'm ready to put in the effort"


They seemed to have forgotten what brought the two of you together. They just didn't care about you anymore and they were not afraid to show it. Every time they took you for granted or let indifference take over, they broke a small part of you that loved them. You were the only one putting in the effort and you couldn't take it anymore. 

5. "Whenever you need me, I'll be there"

Sadly enough, they've never been there when you've really needed them. They come for the fun but leave you hanging when you're at your worst. It's not like you asked them to be there for every small problem in your life, but you had hoped that they would know that you're going through a hard time and offer their support. But they didn't. 

6. "I want to know how you're feeling"



You've always asked them how they're doing and offered your shoulder for them to lean on. You've made sure that they know that they'll be fine. But they never showed you the same courtesy. They just brushed off your feelings and deemed them invalid. They made you feel overly-sensitive just because you were more expressive and even that, they never asked you if you were okay. Just once, you wished that they had cared enough to ask you. 

7. "We can do this together. You're not alone"

Such a simple phrase but it would've meant the world to you if they had said. Just knowing that they were with you through the roller-coaster of this relationship would have given you hope that there was a chance for the two of you. But they left you to shoulder all the burden on your own. A burden that was breaking you slowly.