7 Things A Man Does When He Knows He Has A Good Woman By His Side

7 Things A Man Does When He Knows He Has A Good Woman By His Side

He never forgets the many ways in which you make his life wonderful. And it makes him want to be a better man for you.

They might not always say it, they might show it through grand gestures, but their actions show it all. The man in your life might shy away from telling you that he loves you as often as he feels like, but the things he does for you every day shows just how much they care for you. When he knows that he has a good woman by his side, he will treat her right through these ways.

1. He finds different ways to make you feel important to him

He pays close attention to what you like and always reminds you of the special place you have in his life. You know he cares about you when he doesn't complain about watching your favorite show or letting you choose where to have dinner because you do the same for him. He treats your needs as if they were his own, never forgetting about your physical and emotional needs, and he always shows you how proud he is of the woman that you are. 

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2. He patiently listens and would never shut your opinions down

A man who loves you treats your opinions equally to their own. "Women don’t need partners who invest all their energy on trying to prove how strong, manly, masculine, macho, or heroic they are," wrote Suzanne Degges-White, professor and licensed counselor, for Psychology Today. "They just want men who are willing to meet them where they are and treat them fairly and equitably." Even if he disagrees with your point of view, he won't disregard your opinion or dismiss it as "silly" or "unimportant".

3. He's willing to compromise, especially when it'll make you happy

You feel so much more at ease in the relationship when he doesn't turn everything into a competition. During those inevitable arguments in a relationship, he's willing to give up every once in a while because he wants to see you happy. And as long as you're satisfied, so is he. For every compromise that you've made in the relationship, he remembers them and is willing to do the same for you when it's something that matters to you.

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4. He drops everything to be there for you when you need him

Making you feel protected is something he does effortlessly. You know you can always lean on him for support and whenever you need him, he will immediately take the time out to be there for you. Your texts are never left unanswered and your calls are rarely missed. And whenever you feel stressed, you know that he's one call away, ready to tell you all the words you need to keep you going. When he loves you, he makes you feel safe, according to HuffPost.

5. He stands up for you in tough situations 

Your battles are never your own when you're in a loving relationship. He will never stand on the sidelines and watch while somebody puts you down. While he's aware that you're strong and capable of fighting your own battles, he also knows when to step in if you need an extra pair of hands. When he's by your side, you feel more confident to face up to your fears because he reminds you of the strengths you're made of.

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6. He makes you their priority and never takes you for granted 

There's not a thing about you that he wants to change. He never forgets how much you do in the relationship and without you, he knows how miserable he would be. And that's why he never takes you for granted. They are thankful for all the million ways you make their life better and that's why you come right at the top of their list of priorities. They always make the effort to tell you just how much you mean to them.

7. He tries to be a better man for you

In his eyes, you're the most beautiful, caring, wonderful, amazing woman — the center of his world. And that's why he wants to be better for you. For all that you do for him, he wants to do the same for you in return. That's why he tries to be more intimate, more attentive, and more respectful in the relationship. He wants to give you the best version of himself to you because that's how much he values you. 

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