Therapist Reveals Ways To Predict If Your Partner Will Cheat On You In Eye-Opening Video

Therapist Reveals Ways To Predict If Your Partner Will Cheat On You In Eye-Opening Video

According to the therapist, the avoidant partner is most likely to cheat in a relationship.

A therapist on TikTok recently revealed a way to predict if your partner will cheat on you.

Kate, a family and marriage therapist who goes by @restoringrelationships on TikTok, decided to share a formula with viewers to predict if they will get cheated on in their romantic relationships. She named the video "Attachment 101" and explained how you can predict the possibility of cheating through the attachment styles of people, per Comic Sands. She said in the video, "A little bit of a morbid subject, but today we're doing attachment 101 and how to predict if your partner is gonna cheat on you."



According to Healthline, we develop attachment styles in our childhood and it is largely influenced by the nature of our caregivers or parents. There are four kinds of attachment styles—secure, anxious-insecure, avoidant-insecure, and disorganized-insecure. Based on these attachment styles, Kate draws a diagram in her video that is often referred to as triangulation in psychology, per Indy 100




"Triangulation, a form of manipulation, describes a person's use of threats of exclusion or manipulation," per Very Well Mind. She takes the example of an anxious and avoidant person in a relationship. When the link between two partners is stressed, the avoidant will bring in a third party, according to Kate. She said in the video, "I also like to think of avoidant attachment styles as externalizers. When there is an issue, they don't come to the relationship like an anxious [partner] would."

She went on to say that the avoidant partner finds an external source to meet their emotional demands, such as drink, employment, or even another person. An anxious partner, on the other hand, would internalize their feelings, causing tension and strain in their relationships. She said, "Basically, if your partner is constantly going outside the relationship to get their needs met, that, to me, are warning signs that cheating could happen."



While some TikTok users shared their attachment styles, several disagreed with the theory. A user commented, "Lol, triangles being stable only work in engineering not therapy or relationships." Another said, "I am an avoidant. There is zero percentage of me ever cheating, The reason, boundaries. If you set boundaries, it is impossible to cheat." A viewer confessed, "So spot on. He's avoidant; I'm anxious. I didn't leave my 'family of origin,' and we are suffering for it now. And just found out he's cheating." 

One person questioned, "Ah. So is villainising the people who hurt me part of my avoidant?" In order to address this, Kate made another video and said, "This is why I love my account- yall are SMART AF & I learn equally from u."








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