There's Nothing Worse Than The Regret Of Losing The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Your Sh*t Together

There's Nothing Worse Than The Regret Of Losing The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Your Sh*t Together

Ever since she left, there's been an empiness that you have been trying to fill. But nothing ever will.

Every man has that one woman in his life who changed him completely, who showed him what true love feels like, and yet, was the one woman he will regret losing for the rest of your life. It could be because he failed to value her when she was around, or because he refused to see the mistakes in his ways and took her time for granted. A strong woman always realizes when her time and effort is better spent elsewhere and will waste no breath in walking away from a relationship that's draining her. And once she's gone, you will be left wishing you had done things differently.

1. She was with you at your lowest point but you weren't there for hers

You will always remember her as the woman who gave him all the strength he needed to keep moving. Even at your lowest point, she never left your hand. But she started losing faith in the relationship when she saw that you failed to do the same for her.


2. She could take your stress but not your drama

She was the woman who understood your pain and your effort. Every time you came back home after a bad day, she sat patiently with you to hear all about it. But eventually, she started seeing that you weren't able to take ownership of your issues. You kept making a mess but you never took the effort to clean it up. She realized that trusting you wasn't worth it because you would make the same mistakes over and over again. And worse, you would give the same excuses each time.

3. She forgave you once but don't expect her to do it twice

She knows that everybody deserves a second chance and she never doubted you. But despite giving you a second chance, if you still show her that you can't give her a real commitment, she knows that it's not her time and effort to stay in the relationship.


4. She left and took away a piece of your life forever

The day she walked out of the relationship and out of your life was the day you realized just how much beauty she came with. Although she left the relationship feeling hurt, she will get back on her feet with time. She knows that she can survive on her own, with her thick skin and her will made of iron. But you're still struggling to live without her. There's no one you can talk to the way you did with her. There's no one who makes you feel safe the way she did. Each time you think about her, you feel a rush of regret for letting her go, only because you failed to treat her the way she deserved.


5. She loved you in a way that no one else could

For her, you were a priority and the relationship was a priority. She loved you without conditions, no strings attached. But it's only after you lost her that you realized it all. She gave you all that you needed in the relationship but got nothing from you in return. That's why you're left with only memories.

6. She was patient with you but you made her wait too long

She's not the kind of woman who easily gives up. She waited and waited for you, patiently rooting for you and hoping you would figure things out for yourself. But you made her wait for far too long. She understood that you would never come around. Throughout the relationship, you kept convincing her that things would change and that you would change. But as time passed, she realized that you don't live up to your promises. You pushed her to a point where she said, "I'm done". And that's when nothing you said could have changed her mind.


7. She was unlike anyone else and that makes it harder to move on

You may try to convince yourself that you can fill that emptiness with other relationships, with friends and family, or even with money and other things that you think are important. But deep down, you know that nothing will come close to the way she made you feel. As time passes by, you might think you are moving on. But even you know that the smile you give others is forced because you can't admit the loss you feel.