The Way You And Your Partner Behave Around Your Family Speaks A Lot About Your Relationship

The Way You And Your Partner Behave Around Your Family Speaks A Lot About Your Relationship

No matter how loving you are towards each other when alone, the way you behave when surrounded by family reveals a lot about the relationship

When two people get into a serious, committed relationship, it often involves their families as well. Meeting each other's families, spending time and bonding with them becomes a very important for the relationship. Family meetings can bring out the best or the worst in you as a couple. Some behave absolutely themselves in front of their families, while others feel they need to behave a certain way just to maintain decorum. In certain other scenarios, the tension inside the two of you just bubbles over leading to anger and arguments.

These are all subconscious reactions to the situation. You may not know this, but the way and your partner behave around your family tells a lot about your relationship.

1. You are into each other no matter who is around

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If you are not scared to show your affection and love to your partner even when you are surrounded by other people, it shows you no longer care about another person's opinion on your relationship. You have matured into a person who knows what they want and now all you want is the relationship and your partner beside you. It shows the deep and strong bond you share in the relationship. It is unbreakable even if the whole world is against it. 

2. You are just irritated with your partner and the family  

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You are constantly annoyed and bothered even though there are no visible events that may seem to have caused it. This means that you have emotional baggage that is affecting you mentally. It may be due to your controlling family who has criticized you or your choices constantly. Though you are not a child anymore, your parents are always questioning and judging everything you say and do. The thought of these things manifests itself in the form of irritation towards your partner and other people around.

3. You are formal and do not display affection at all

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Every family meeting just makes you feel awkward and out of place. It feels more like an obligation to smile and talk to your partner's family. This may be a sign that you are disconnected from your partner. You are not able to express yourself freely. You refrain from telling them that you are not comfortable. Therefore, your family meetings become very formal. The best solution to avoid this is to open up to your partner and tell them what holds you back.

4. You feel at home with your partner even with others around

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There is nothing different in the relationship between you other than the few extra people around. This sign says that your family has been a positive influence on you and your relationship. You family is very understanding of the relationship and help you resolve any issues that arise. Your partner also feels very welcomed by your family and therefore feels very comfortable around them. You have a strong bond with your partner and even your family.

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