The Way You And Your Partner Walk Together Says A Lot About Your Relationship

The Way You And Your Partner Walk Together Says A Lot About Your Relationship

Every emotion of the heart is evident in the way a person behaves. Their unconscious actions and gestures say a lot about the way they view their relationship and their partner.

Not everybody around us is expressive and verbal about their thoughts. In such cases, it might seem difficult to understand them, especially in relationships. Partners who are unexpressive are often mistaken as people who lack affection or love. However, the best way to know if they really love you and value the relationship is to observe their body language. The way they hold your hands, sit next to you or even listen to your rants speaks for their unsaid words. The interaction you have with your partner will help you discover in-depth truths about your relationship. Here are something you will understand by the way you and your partner walk together. 

1. Side by side with their hand over your back 

Side by side with their hand over your back 

Your partner walks beside you with his hands around your back as if they never want to let go of you. When your partner wraps his hands around you, it indicates the possessive nature. You are their most valued possession and they would never want to be away from you. While it has a positive side, it might affect your relationship if your partner feels insecure and jealous in the long run. "If you could walk into a room separately, but I don’t let you, it can be possessive or possibly show that I’m insecure and don’t want to be on my own. There’s a fine line between possessive and insecure,” said couples therapist Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., a professor at Oakland University in Michigan, and author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great. Your partner considers you a team player and so this relationship has a bright future ahead if partners open up to each other every time there is an issue.

2. One in front of the other holding hands 

One in front of the other holding hands 


Whenever your partner walks, they hold your hand and walk one step ahead of you. This kind of walk reflects the protective as well as the dominant nature of your partner. Walking ahead does not indicate that they don't love you but it just means they consider themselves slightly more important than you in the relationship. "...If one person is always walking in front of the other though, they’re not viewing their partner as an equal," said Orbuch. While there is love and affection from your partner, this is a sign that both of you are not on the same level in the relationship.

3. Side by side holding hands

Side by side holding hands 

Even after years of your relationship, if you see your partner holding onto your hand so tight irrespective of the occasion or place, it shows a true honest relationship filled with love and intimacy. Not only are they affectionate to you but they respect you and consider you their equal. These kind of couples are team players and celebrates life together always hand in hand. "Touch symbolizes intimacy, emotional closeness, and happiness in a relationship. Most people have a radius of about a foot and a half around us that is our personal space and if you let someone into that it indicates intimacy," says Orbuch. Partners, in this case, enjoy a trustworthy relationship.

4. One in front of the other with no contact 

One in front of the other with no contact 

When two partners have no contact while walking, it may mean two things. Your partner may be taking the lead in the relationship and wants to follow them. In other cases, it indicates a disconnect in the relationship. Your partner may have fallen out of love. In such relationships, partners may not have mutual respect or love. The one who takes the lead may try to impose his beliefs into the other. This relationship may not be favorable to one and may lead to conflicts.

5. Arms slung over the shoulder 

Arms slung over the shoulder 

Partners who walk together with arms over the shoulder indicate couples who are close to each other. Partners in this kind of relationships are drawn to each other. Their arms over the shoulder show that they want to eliminate any kind of physical or emotional gap they have. "They’re trying to be more physically close to you by drawing you into them," says Orbuch. Your partner wants you to be happy and will always try to make your relationship grow.