The Type Of Music You Listen To Says A Lot About Your Personality

The Type Of Music You Listen To Says A Lot About Your Personality

Music is a way of self expression for many. It can reveal your moods and who you are as a person.

No matter how old you are, music might have had someplace in your life. It might have helped you navigate through your tough times, blush during your romantic moments, and motivate you through a tiring workout. As you all might agree, music is personal and intimate to most of us. However, not many of us know how our choice of music is related to our personality. 

According to Very Well Mind, researcher Adrian North conducted a study on the correlation of music with an individual's personality. The website stated that one of the reasons that make people defensive about their choice of music is because it is very much related to their "attitude and personality." He stated, "People do define themselves through music and use it as a means to relate to other people." Therefore, here are some of the most common styles of music commonly enjoyed by people and what it reveals about them.

1. Country Music


If you are a person who moves to the country tunes, you are a hard-working and outgoing person. You are more of an old school at heart and stick to the conventional ideas you are raised with. You are inclined to be politically conservative and unpretentious by nature. You understand the people around you and you can relate to their misery. Though many country songs talk about heartbreaks, you are emotionally very stable.

2. Pop Music



People who listen to pop music tend to be outgoing and highly social. You have high self-esteem but you may not have a creative streak. It is also said that pop music lovers may be worriers. You use music to elevate your mood and thus, you love listening to happy music. 

3. Rock Music


Though the image of rock music is aggressive by nature, those who enjoy this kind of music are gentle. For them, music is not just about uplifting their moods, instead, they relate their intense emotional journeys to it. You are creative but struggle with low self-esteem issues. Hence, you keep your self in your shell and project yourself as an introvert. However, you like new experiences and are open to trying new things. According to Reader's Digest, punk rock fans are "intense, energetic and low on empathy."

4. Rap Music


These are the most energetic group of people. You love every aspect of music, especially the social aspects of dancing and singing along. You would rather be in a group than sitting alone with a pair of headphones. You are very confident and have high self-esteem. Moreover, you are very expressive and never hold back from speaking your mind.

5. Jazz, Blues and Soul Music



Intelligence and creativity go hand in hand with this group of people. You are well aware of who you are and you are very open-minded. You reflect on your thoughts and often take smart decisions. You are most likely to use music to exercise your mind and body than for just leisure. Music unlocks your creativity and puts you at ease.

6. Classical Music



People who listen to classical music are a combination of smartness and complexity. You are intelligent, creative, and are not afraid to display confidence. You tend to be older and enjoy being an introvert. However, in the company of people, you make yourself shine with ease. 

7. Indie Music



These groups of people are intellectual, creative, and introverted. However, they are less hardworking and suffer from low self-esteem. You tend to be more anxious at times and may not be very gentle.

8. Heavy Metal Music


Heavy metal lovers may look aggressive and loud but they are just the opposite. They are very similar to classical music lovers but differ in age. You are delicate and gentle by nature with lots of creativity.