The Truth Behind Diana's Relationship With Dodi Fayed: The Man Who Made Her Happy & Feel Loved Days Before Her Death

The Truth Behind Diana's Relationship With Dodi Fayed: The Man Who Made Her Happy & Feel Loved Days Before Her Death

Meeting Dodi Fayed changed Diana. It brought out her cheerfulness and fun side.

Princess Diana was loved around the world. Her compassion, humility, and love for simple things in life made her the People's Princess. However, in spite of all the public love, Diana was not given the affection she deserved by her husband, Prince Charles. Soon, her turbulent marriage ended and the beautiful princess yearned to be loved again. Fortunately, she met such a person and shared a bond like never before. But their love and dreams to be together ended in a car crash.


According to CheatSheet, Diana met Dodi Fayed in 1997 after she was invited by Fayed's father to spend a holiday on a yacht in the south of France. Diana, along with Princes William and Harry, went for the holiday and the princess developed a relationship with the businessman's son. Though pictures of the two emerged in public, people were not sure of the kind of relationship they shared.


However, some letters written by the princess to Fayed proved he was special to her. Her words portrayed her life had changed on meeting Fayed. 

There were letters that she sent just weeks before the fatal crash that took the couple's life. In her first letter dated August 6, 1997, she wrote, "Darling Dodi, Heaven knows where on earth I begin to thank you for the most magical six days on the ocean waves. It is a bit of an Oh my God situation. I adored it all and every possible minute was full of laughter and happiness, and that combination is a serious treat," according to Mirror Online

She ended it saying, "This comes with all the love in the world and, as always, a million heartfelt thanks for bringing such joy into this particular chick's life, from Diana xx."  The princess was over the moon and she wrote again to the man, who finally showed her what it is to be in true love. Along with her second letter, she sent him a gift. She wrote, "Darling Dodi, These cufflinks were the very last gift that I received from the man I loved most in the world, my father. They are given to you as I know how much joy it would give him to know they were in such safe and special hands. Fondest love, from Diana."


However, the princess did not know that this love would end very soon. Diana and Fayed spent most of late August of 1997 on a luxury Yacht. "They were in a good mood. They were always laughing, holding hands," recalled their butler, according to The Washington Post. The couple then flew down to Paris on 30 August 1997. Fayed had already decided to pop the question to the princess. He had already picked out a beautiful ring for her even though they had been dating for less than a month.

With rumors about their relationship all over the press and speculations on the princess being pregnant, the couple was surrounded by aggressive photographers in Paris. Fayed was all set to propose but was annoyed by the paparazzi that kept following. He wanted the moment to be special and wanted to do it away from the hustle and bustle at his apartment. According to the Washington Post, he even told his butler about the plan. However, before he could make it a reality, both of them died in an accident.


“The ring was on the nightstand in his bedroom. Dodi had checked to make sure they had several bottles of Dom Pérignon on ice for the big moment," wrote author Christopher Anderson wrote in The Day Diana Died, according to The Washington Post. After her death, some of Diana's friends admitted that the princess was most joyful just hours before her passing. "On that Saturday evening, Diana was as happy as I have ever known her. For the first time in years, all was well with her world," said her friend Kay, according to The Washington Post.

Though many still believe they would not have married, former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole, who knew them well believes otherwise. "The Princess loved Dodi's soft, gentle voice with a touch of a Californian accent... Whenever I saw the Princess that summer she was full of fun," wrote Cole, according to Express UK.

He added, "Dodi was prepared to bear that burden and I know the Princess appreciated that. But what most attracted Diana to Dodi was the love she saw within the Fayed family." He said they were inseparable and Diana looked forward to being with him one day.