The Queen Will "Never Ever Abdicate the Throne," Reveals Royal Expert | Is Charles 'Quasi-King?'

The Queen Will "Never Ever Abdicate the Throne," Reveals Royal Expert | Is Charles 'Quasi-King?'

The royal expert laid out the current position of the family in the royal heirarchy.

The Duke of Wales, Prince Charles, will have to fill in some rather large shoes following the death of his father, the late Prince Philip, and take over as the family patriarch. But when it comes to the question of being head of the monarchy, experts believe that the Queen is far from relinquishing that role to anyone just yet. 




Royal expert and Biographer Robert Jobson while speaking to Omid Scobie on ABC's podcast The Heir Pod, said: "The Prince of Wales will step up, in a way he’s already been doing that for the past five years, but now he truly is the patriarch of the family because the Duke of Edinburgh is dead."




Speaking about the Queen, as reported by the Mirror, he said: "I thought she looked frail at that stage." But he also added that: "She’ll never, ever, abdicate the throne." The Queen is believed to move to Windsor Castle following the demise of Prince Philip as that is where he is buried. She would be leaving Buckingham Palace forever, according to reports.




This had led to widespread rumors that it may be time for Prince Charles to step up and be declared the next King but according to the expert, he would not be doing so as the Queen is not about to abdicate the throne.




According to him, Prince Charles would act as a 'quasi-king' and fulfilling the role and duties of the king without actually claiming the title. In fact, he had been representing the Queen on a number of occasions and some state visits when the Queen hasn't been able to attend herself.