With The September Full Moon Falling On Friday The 13th, Is There A Reason To Be Spooked?

With The September Full Moon Falling On Friday The 13th, Is There A Reason To Be Spooked?

While the full moon is usually anticipated due to the surge in energy it brings, the moon cycle coinciding with a day that's considered inauspicious by many has raised a few questions.

This week will see the appearance of a full Harvest moon. While it is usually an auspicious occasion, this time people are freaking out after it is confirmed to fall on Friday, 13 September. It is considered to be an unlucky day by many.

The Charlotte Observer reported that the Harvest Moon that usually coincides with the Fall Equinox on 23 September has fallen on one of the unluckiest days for the first time in nearly 20 years. “Nationwide we haven’t had a Friday the 13th full Moon since October 13th, 2000. And it won’t happen again until August 13th, 2049!” quoted Almanac.

According to the information released by NASA, the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones will experience the full moon just before midnight on Friday 13. “But if you live elsewhere in the country — in the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones — the moment that the Moon turns full comes before midnight on Friday, the 13th!” quoted Almanac.

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Though there is no scientific backing, there are a lot of myths and superstitions associated with Friday the 13th that makes it inauspicious. For long, the day has been associated with negative energy. The History Channel reported that the linked negative beliefs can be traced back to the crucifixion of Jesus on Friday after 13 guests attended the last supper. The fear of this day is known as paraskevidekatriaphobia.

Though a lot of people see the Harvest Moon as something special, there are people who view it as a bad day. ABC News reported that cops and hospital staffs are among them. There also is a notion that more crime tends to happen on full Moon days. It is further stated that about 81 percent of mental health professionals too support the myth. However, there is no published research or any kind of scientific data that support these beliefs.

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As the day approaches, people on social media have also started conversations quoting some of these beliefs. "Friday the 13th AND a full moon is all happening this week. so this week could either go really great or complete shit," wrote one while another wrote, "the full moon in Pisces is on Friday the 13th. PLEASE pray."

On the other hand, people living on the East coast will not have to worry about any of these negative effects of 13 Friday. The Full Moon will occur just before midnight at 12:33 AM on 14 Saturday. So those living at these locations can relax.