Check Out The Chubby Rat That Got Stuck In A Man Hole Cover & Had Entire Crew Of Firefighters Working To Get Him Out

Check Out The Chubby Rat That Got Stuck In A Man Hole Cover & Had Entire Crew Of Firefighters Working To Get Him Out

The rat was later taken to the vet and given some medication and food.

Firefighters respond to emergency situations ranging from a forest fire to a man stuck in a chimney. However, not many of us might believe an entire crew turning up to rescue a rat. But such an incident quite literally took place in Germany. A compassionate crew of firefighters helped out a helpless rat. They also made sure its health was fine after the rescue procedure. 

According to Daily Mail, a volunteer fire brigade came to the rescue of a rat that got stuck in a small hole on the manhole cover in Steubenstrasse in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate. The rescue service arrived at 4:45 PM to help the rat out of the hole.

However, the task was not that easy. When the rescuers reached out to help out the stuck rat, the rodent bit into one of the rescuer's gloves. It resulted in the rat bleeding as the rodent's tooth got hurt in the process. Soon, the rescuers lifted the cover of the manhole and carefully pushed the rat out of the hole with a wooden wedge. The operation lasted for an hour and at the end of it, the animal fell into a rescue box that was placed below the cover.


Further, the rescuers took the rodent to a veterinarian to see if it had other issues. The doctor gave the rat some mediation for pain that helped it calm down. They also fed the rodent. The photos of the rescued animal were posted on the Facebook page of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bad Kreuznach volunteer fire brigade. 

Many commented on the pictures and thanked the rescuers for their kindness. "Thank you very much for your dedication, I think it's great that you don't make a difference between species. Greetings animal lovers Bad Kreuznach," wrote one. Another stated, "Bravo! This is what heroes look like, they take care of even the smallest of us!"

One pleased commentator wrote, "Awesome! Thank you so much! More empathy with the animals, yes also rats and pigeons, is always good. We are all living beings on this planet."

Representational Image | Source: Getty Images (Photo by Ian Willms)

Such incidents have occurred in the past. In 2019, a rodent was stuck in a drain in Bensheim, Germany. Nine firefighters had to rush to help the fat rodent out of the drain cover. According to Daily Mail, when the rescuers first arrived at the scene they saw the helpless animal trying to do everything it could to get out of the drain cover. The flabby animal was wriggling and squeaking in the cover and tried so hard to free itself from the tiny gap.

Representational Image | Source: Getty Images (Photo by Johner Images)

In that incident, a firefighter used a capture noose to grab the animal from the small hole. Meanwhile, the other rescuers used crowbars to lift the drain cover. Finally, the emergency officers freed the animal by wedging the manhole cover. They then pushed the rat to freedom.