This CEO Spent $800K Of His Own Money To Help Employees During The Pandemic | "It’s How I Was Raised"

This CEO Spent $800K Of His Own Money To Help Employees During The Pandemic | "It’s How I Was Raised"

The generous man had gone through some tough days in the past and relates to his worker's problems.

The global pandemic has gravely affected the lives of many. With social distancing and prolonged lockdown in many parts of the country, people have lost their livelihood, leaving families in a massive financial crisis.

While some business owners went about minding their own lives, one business owner stepped up and came to the rescue of all his employees. Without thinking twice, this generous and considerate man protected and supported his employees, who contributed to the growth of his establishment.


According to People, Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor's treatment of his employees during the crisis is exemplary. He got the necessary protective gear such as latex gloves, masks, and eyewear for all his employees working at 600 of his restaurants.

Taylor believes it is his responsibility to take care of the ones who worked for him. “It’s how I was raised. I did what I felt was right. This is that kind of time where you have to persist and think differently and take care of those that are with you and lift everyone’s spirits and march forward," said Taylor, according to People.


Apart from supplying them with a kit to fight the pandemic, he donated his yearly salary and bonus, totaling to more than $800,000. Despite the times being bad for the business, Taylor made sure that none of his employees were let go. Additionally, he ensured they got their regular pays without a cut.

Taylor did not stop there. He contributed  $5 million to Andy’s Outreach, an emergency fund he set up for his employees about 18 years ago. The funds were directed to helping the workers with expenses such as rent and mortgage payments, utility bills, and funeral bills. 

"We were doing that to take care of our people that might have a loved one die that needed money for a funeral or an operation," explained the man, alluding to the origin of Andy’s Outreach. "It would transition to where people gave part of their paycheck, whether 10 cents of $10, to help our people during times of need."


Speaking of his motivation to put his own money into the fund, the business owner stated that many of his workers relied on the fund. He noticed that the funds were depleting and knew there was no option than to use his own money to take care of his worker's needs.

He also explained that a lot of what he does is because of his strenuous journey. During his early days of business, Taylor was a single parent with two daughters. He often depended on his parents for support. Today, when he looks at his workers, he remembers the struggles he went through.


“I’m 64 years old and I call people under 55 kids. So I have 70,000 kids, and you want to take care of them. I relate it to my own personal family and I want to take care of my family, is how I look at it," said Taylor.

He knows how amazing it is to have someone to lean on. “When you’re down and out, that sticks in your head. A lot of people think when you make it later in life it leaves, but it stays in your brain. Later in life, you want to give back in the same way," said the business owner, according to People.


Taylor is happy that he could help many. He claimed that his workers are grateful for the support he provided them with. He revealed that he received many letters of gratitude from them. Some even shed a few tears to say how much his support meant to them.

While Taylor believes he has done his part, he has one wish. Just like how he passed on the kindness, he wants them to do the same. “I want them to transfer the love we’re showing them to other people," said the man.