Teen Who Married Man 70 Years Older Than Her Just For The Money Says, "He Could Die Before Christmas LMAO"

Teen Who Married Man 70 Years Older Than Her Just For The Money Says, "He Could Die Before Christmas LMAO"

Olivia C. Stone met the elderly man after she was given the task of handing him his pills.

One deceitful and manipulative teenager took advantage of an elderly man whose health was deteriorating. The way she did it will blow your mind. And not in a good way.

Nineteen-year-old Olivia C. Stone married 89-year-old Lee R. Hopkins just to inherit his wealth.

According to Nationalist Review, Hopkins, who was suffering from dementia, met the young woman at a senior living facility. The teenager began interacting with the elderly man after she was put in charge of handing him his pills at Brookdale Russellville. Soon, the teenager became close to the man 70 years older than her and decided to marry him, despite his deteriorating memory.


In September 2020, Stone tied the knot to the elderly man, according to the marriage records of Arkansas in the Pope County Clerk’s office. Stone told people she was in love with the senior citizen. However, her actions after the wedding proved otherwise. 

The teenager's private chats suggested she was just using the man for his wealth. "I'd like to stay for a few more months at least if I can," wrote the teenager, referring to inheriting her elderly husband's wealth. Shocked by her response, another said, "Wait so MARRIAGE? WITHIN THE NEXT LIKE YEAR? I didn't realize it was that serious."

The shameless teenager came clean about her desire to get his wealth as soon as possible. "Michael if we get married I would be the sole person who gets his inheritance," said the teenager.


Stone also bragged about the wealth she married into, through her social media with the username "Mrs. Vagina Jones." "I'm gonna p*ss and sh*t and vomit on myself. Lee has so much f*cking money f*cking hell I've literally been homeless before," wrote the teenager. 

The insensitive girl further went to predict the death of her husband. "Bro he could die before Christmas LMAO," wrote Stone. She further asked her friend on Twitter if they would date her if he died. "So when I'm widowed do u want me," wrote the greedy and rude teenager.


Stone's comments on social media did not go well with most people. Her tweets garnered a lot of criticism. Unable to deal with the criticism, the teenager deleted the Instagram account.

The news outlet contacted the senior home to learn if Stone had broken any ethical violations. They also asked if she was still an employee at the place. The outlet informed that Hopkins was no more a resident of the facility.


A Facebook post by the facility proved Stone worked at the home. The picture of Stone being appreciated for her work was found on Brookdale Russellville's social media account.

On the other hand, the elderly man moved into the facility after his wife passed away in an accident. Hopkins was driving the car and the elderly man lost his way leading to the accident. The helpless man has since lost his memory.