Tattoo Artist Covers Women's Scars With Beautiful Art And Helps Them Heal

Tattoo Artist Covers Women's Scars With Beautiful Art And Helps Them Heal

Vietnamese artist Ngoc covers women's scars, burns, and other blemishes with tattoos and helps them regain confidence.

Scars are a symbol of strength and resilience. While some people don't mind showing off their healing skin, others like to cover it up and express themselves with tattoos. Getting a tattoo over scars can help people feel like they are reclaiming their bodies. Some omen who’ve had mastectomies or caesarian sections have said that they feel more confident covering their scars with beautiful, personalized tattoos. For those who have burns, scars, and other blemishes on their skin and have struggled to find confidence, Vietnamese tattoo artist Ngoc Like Tattoo has stepped up to help. According to My Modern Met, Ngoc recently told Vietnamese reporters, “Every woman is beautiful, I don’t want any woman to struggle with her scars.” The artist inks colorful floral designs and animal-inspired motifs over large marks caused by cesarean sections, wounds, or operations. The work is done so precisely that it's hard to tell there are scars underneath once the tattoo is finished.


Not only does her work inspire more women to be confident, it also challenges a notion in the country where tattoos are often frowned upon. “It is my hope that our stories can give people a new perspective about the art of tattooing, about its not only superficial but also spiritual healing power,” Ngoc wrote on Facebook. “I am extremely delighted that I am able to help reduce the stigma of tattooing in Vietnam as well as inspiring so many people struggling with their scars to step up, take charge, close their wounds with a meaningful piece of art and live the happy and fulfilling life that we all deserve to have.”


Here's a look at some of her incredible work: