What Made Sylvester Stallone Go From Being A Constant Cheating Partner To A Devoted & Loyal Husband To Jennifer Flavin?

What Made Sylvester Stallone Go From Being A Constant Cheating Partner To A Devoted & Loyal Husband To Jennifer Flavin?

Sylvester Stallone met Flavin when she was 19 years old. They have been married for more than 22 years now.

Sylvester Stallone was infamously known for his cheating scandals. While many never expected to see the actor settle down and have a family, he proved them all wrong. Stallone became a new man after he married Jennifer Flavin. Though their relationship had its ups and downs, Flavin stuck with him and believed in him. Her trust and optimism, eventually, paid back. 


The actor, married for more than 22 years, said, "But I’ve never had more fun. I learned that from my wife… It took me 19 years to realize she’s always right. I realized that women have a knack, at least Jennifer, for making incredibly erudite, wise, smart decisions. I always leap without looking," according to The Sun

Stallone met Flavin when she was 19-year-old. The star who was 42 at the time was at the lowest point of his life. Not only was his professional life in shambles but also his personal life. Despite it all, meeting Flavin changed Stallone's life. The couple started dating and their love was just magical. “When we come together, it is wonderful. When we are separate, there are no strings attached. That’s the way it is. No strings," recalled Stallone. "I’d come over, and we’d watch a movie, cook dinner, goof around with the dog or walk on the beach,” recalled Jennifer to People.


Flavin was happy with Stallone. She trusted him though she knew of his infidelity in the past. But six years after their blissful years, Stallone surprised her with a letter, calling off their relationship."He sent me a six-page handwritten letter, in pen. It was pretty sloppy. I was disappointed. You can’t just write somebody off in a letter after six years. It’s not like I was going to try to beg him to come back to me or anything. I just wanted to talk," said Flavin, according to People. 

Soo, Flavin came to know of Stallone's affair with model-photographer Janice Dickinson. “I’d always hear things but he’d always kind of defuse the situation. He’d say, ‘Oh, she just wanted a picture with me’ or something like that. Being a star, people are always going to talk about you," said the woman, according to People. She also heard that Dickinson was expecting Stallone's baby. 


Flavin was devastated. She did not imagine her partner to cheat on her. “We had a good time together but I never knew...," said the helpless model. She continued, "It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had no idea this was going to happen. We talked about us having children, about when I was going to get pregnant. We were already picking names, marking down names that he liked and I liked."

Sources close to Flavin stated how she saw the goodness in every person. “She’s the kind of girl who wants to believe in the best in everyone. She said, ‘I know he loves me.’ So it was never an issue," recalled a close friend of Flavin. “Jennifer just always wanted to trust in him no matter what,” said her mother, according to People. 


Humiliated by the incident, she decided to move on. However, Stallone realized the kid was not his and wanted to get back with Flavin. Though she was deeply hurt by his actions, Flavin gave him another chance. That was the turning point in Stallone's life. 


In 1997, he married Flavin and began his journey as a family man. According to thenetline.com, the actor said, "I have had two great things happen to me in the past year: the birth of our beautiful daughter Sophia Rose and now marriage to Jennifer, who is a great mother and I know will be a wonderful wife."

Their union thrived and the couple has been together ever since.