Swarm Of 20,000 Bees Chase Woman’s Car For Two Days To Rescue Their Queen Trapped Inside

Swarm Of 20,000 Bees Chase Woman’s Car For Two Days To Rescue Their Queen Trapped Inside

A 65-year-old woman returned from a store to find her parked car covered in bees!

A swarm of 20,000 bees chasing after a car!? You better bee-lieve it! A queen bee is an incredibly important member of a beehive. One such queen bee found herself trapped inside a Mitsubishi Outlander which belonged to Carol Howarth, a 65-year-old grandmother. According to The Telegraph, she may have picked up the insect during a visit to a nature reserve. When she dropped into a store and returned to her parked car, she discovered that a swarm of 20,000 had descended upon her car. 



Tom Moses, a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger was driving by when he happened upon the raid and detailed the story in pun-filled post with the headline: Bee-rilliant swarm. Hoping to send the bees on their way without causing them any harm, the local ranger wrote: Driving through town noticed this going on outside the Lower Three Crowns and couldn't resist getting involved! (bees need our help and I worried that some idiot would come pour boiling water over them or something stoopid!). Called pembs beekeepers and voila - Roger the beekeeper #1 appeared with a box to put them in and swept some in, then left for a dinner date leaving me backing up Andrew the (rusty) beekeeper #2 (ie watching him and offering encouragement). At first bees nicely started going into box. Stung. Then they started to come out again. Hmmmmm. Had a beer. Stung. Andrew doing great job, bees in. Stung. Then they were coming out again. Wheres the Queen? In the box, or hiding in the crack between boot and car panel? Stung again. Hmmmmmm. Google. Spoke to Jeremy beekeeper #3 - on eurostar, but said he'd send help. Andrew bought me another beer (by the way why is it £1.20 a half and £2.50 a pint in that pub?). Drunk bloke from pub went and swept a load of bees off car with hand looking for queen, got stung loads pfffft..... Beekeeper #4 (man with no name) turned up with full suit and Smokey thing, stung again, twice - why do they just go for your head? All under control, so buggered off home before stung again. 3 hours well spent, and avoided painting for a bit! Best thing to happen in Haverfordwest for years - should get a load of hives in Castle Square....



Moses knows that bees, in general, are already dying.  Bees pollinate the plants we eat and, in turn, are essential for our own survival.  Because of habitat loss and terrible farming practices, these vital insects are dying out, reports CNN. So the last thing Moses wanted was for someone to shoo them away or kill them. With the help of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association, the bees were safely moved into a cardboard box and transported. But the next morning, Howarth found the bees were back, she told The Telegraph. The beekeepers came back and sorted the issue yet again. By the evening her Outlander was free of the bees. It's unclear where the queen bee went. "One theory was that the queen was trapped in my car and the swarm were following her. But they couldn't find the queen anywhere so I've no idea if that was right. Apparently bees can swarm at this time of the year and it is a very strong instinct for them to follow the queen," Howarth said, reports Milford Mercury. Either way, they sure did create quite the buzz!