Swan Dies Of A "Broken Heart" After Ruthless Teenagers Destroy Eggs With Her Unborn Babies Using Bricks

Swan Dies Of A "Broken Heart" After Ruthless Teenagers Destroy Eggs With Her Unborn Babies Using Bricks

Michael James Mason, an animal enthusiast was monitoring the bird for weeks before the tragedy happened.

Torturing animals and laughing at their pain shows how heartless humans can be. While many raise their voice against such insensitive actions, people still continue to do the same. One tale from Manchester will break your heart.

A swan laid six eggs in a park but died of a "broken heart" after some humans destroyed her eggs. Michael James Mason, an animal enthusiast took to Facebook to shed light on the tragic incident. The man, who was monitoring the bird for a while wrote on 18 June,  "I really don't want to do this post today because it comes with great sadness."

The man had been sharing updates about the bird with the members of the group. Through his previous posts, he had informed the members about the six eggs. The poor swan had to endure a lot. Not only were humans a problem but also other animals. While three of the eggs were destroyed by vandals, the swan's life was made miserable by a duck, a moorhen, and a dog.

As a result, the swan lost two more eggs and was left with just one. In addition to the pain of losing her eggs, the swan's mate left her leaving her alone and sad.


Mason informed the group that the swan was dead. He stated she was found "slumped in her nest dead. Having followed the bird for days, the man was heartbroken. He wrote, "Just feel like crying as I have followed her progress for about 12 weeks."

The devastating incident has incited outrage and an investigation by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has begun. They stated, "This is a really sad development and it is very upsetting to hear about the death of this poor swan," according to the Manchester Evening News.

They added, "We are investigating the previous distressing incident and we would urge anyone with information to contact our appeals line on 0300 123 8018. Swans, their nests and their eggs are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981."


The Daily Mail reported that the group of teens threw bricks at the poor bird's nest which was at the Manchester Canal in Kearsley. As the news spread, many activists have come forward and condemned the cruel act.

"There's not much I can say really. She probably died of a broken heart as she had a partner for life and he was driven away by stress." The Swan Lifeline, a rescue center for swans stated that such incidents have occurred in the past. They also claimed that swans have died of a broken heart in other incidents. 

Another incident from London's Richmond Park saw an elderly jogger being insensitive to a young cygnet. The man kicked the tiny bird so hard that it left the bird with brain damage. After the incident, the bird was taken to a sanctuary in Shepperton, Surrey. However, the bird's life could not be saved. Just two days after, the bird passed away. 


"Sadly the cygnet died this afternoon, his injuries were too severe. The suspect was seen to kick another cygnet, which thankfully managed to escape to the water," said Royal Parks Police, according to Metro UK

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan police are looking out for the man. The descriptions by the police stated that the perpetrator was a balding white man of about 60 years old and 5'6" height. The police also added that the man was seen jogging in black running shorts and a vest. Investigators hope to catch the culprit soon.


Those harming and causing agony to voiceless animals should be punished under the law. Moreover, people should be more critical of such incidents when it happens in front of their eyes.