Suzanne Somers Talking About Her Sex Life As An Older Woman Is So Important

Suzanne Somers Talking About Her Sex Life As An Older Woman Is So Important

While the spark between most celebrity couples tends to fizzle over a period of time, Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel's marriage has survived the test of time.

Hearing about older people having sex may seem as uncomfortable as the very thought of your parents' sex life. But hey, when two people are in love it is only natural that they would have sex and this physical intimacy should not be age-restrictive. Even researchers at the University of Manchester demonstrated that senior couples have sex well into their 70s and 80s. "We hope our findings improve public health by countering stereotypes and misconceptions about late-life sexuality, and offer older people a reference against which they may relate their own experiences and expectations," expressed Dr. David Lee. 


Thankfully, we have someone like Suzanne Somers who continuously reminds us why it is important for everyone to keep talking about sex even after they turn 50. Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel's marriage has survived the test of time. While the spark between most celebrity couples tends to fizzle over a period of time, it is definitely not the case for Somers and Hamel who are madly in love with each other to this day. Having tied the knot back in 1977, the pair has been together for nearly 45 years. Now every relationship has its honeymoon phase after which, things seem banal and flat, but the long-lasting Hollywood pair simply did not let that happen. 


The 74-year-old recently opened up about their private life saying, she and her 85-year-old husband have sex three times a day. And all of that happens before noon! "At this stage of life, most people think that's over the hill. What time is it, noon? I had sex with him three times so far today," the Three’s Company star revealed on the podcast Heather Dubrow's World. Apparently, hubby Hamel is the one who is ready to go for a round first thing in the morning. "What is this thing about 4:30 in the morning that's suddenly like, 'Oh there he is.' I'm like, 'Could you just wait 'til the sun comes up?' God, our relationship has always been amazing," said the actress gushing. 


"But now that our kids are raised and it's just me and Al, and we paid for the tuition, we paid for the weddings and helped them get their start — now it's just us. Man, are we having fun," she shared. In 2019. Somers told Daily Mail that she has sex with her husband sex twice a day and credited PT-141, a sexual stimulant, for their vivacious sex life. A weekly shot of this melanocortin-based peptide helps generates sexual arousal and Somers shared how their sex life has definitely improved because of it. 


"I'm kind of in that groove, like when you were younger and you're in the mood all the time, and so is he because he's on hormone replacements," she revealed. Describing how the shots of PT-141 works, she said, that it is a "sexual stimulant that works on your brain." She continued, "I thought, 'Wow, what a great thing.' Because men have Viagra, but this is actually a shot for both men and women that's not a drug. It just stimulates that part of your brain that says, 'Hey, I'm kind of in the mood.' And, so, isn't that a wonderful thing? And it's not a drug, so I love it." 


When asked about her partner, Somers couldn't help but gush about him at the time. "Oh, he's just so beautiful. I had sex with him on our very first date just in case there wasn't a second one. I just wanted to be with him that first time," she said. Luckily for both, their romance (and sex life) did not just stop there and continued growing over the years. "I've never enjoyed anybody in my whole life the way I enjoy Al," she told PEOPLE when asked about their marriage last year. "There is juice and zest in this chapter!"



Of course, the love they share didn't happen overnight, in fact, they worked quite hard to get where they are today. "We worked hard to get to this place where we're comfortable. And we are so content together. We dance together, and we have a cocktail together at night. It's romantic and sexy. And it's not old people romantic. It's cool!" said the Step by Step actress. "We don’t fight and we don’t have moody days. I wake up in the morning with a spring in my step. We’re nude in our bedroom a lot. My body is not perfect but Alan tells me it is. He sees what he loves, and that makes me feel good."

Honestly, it's impressive how the two are not only in love with each other after these many years but also extremely active sexually at their age. Their relationship serves as a great reminder that one's life can be filled with intimacy and romance no matter how old they or their partners are. 






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