9 Styling Dos & Don'ts That May Help You Look Taller, Which You Should Know About

9 Styling Dos & Don'ts That May Help You Look Taller, Which You Should Know About

Fashion and style are personal to each individual. However, some changing in the way we dress can make a lot of difference.

We are all beautiful the way we are, whether it is tall, short, curvy or skinny. It doesn't matter what our size we are or how tall we are. But, who wouldn't love to accentuate their best features or mask the less flattering parts of themselves, just a little. Many even wish to look a few inches taller than they actually are.

If that's what you think, you will be surprised to hear that by making a few, tiny modifications in the way we dress or even add a  few elements in our daily dressing can make you look much taller than you really are. Let's be honest, not every one of us has the time to go to the stores looking for those particular styles. So, here are a few tricks that you can try with your existing clothes and a few styles you might want to add:

You might want to ADD:

1. High waisted clothes 


Whether it is a skirt, trousers or a pair of jeans, try to one that is high waisted. These high waisted clothes that start at the smallest part of your body, that is your waist has the ability to make you look taller. Not only does it give the illusion of height but it will also make your look more streamlined, according to Stylecaster.

2. Vertical stripes


You might have noticed some tops or dresses make you look stockier or shorter than you really are. Horizontal striped dresses, pants or tops have this problem. If you want to look more streamlined and look taller, vertical strips should be your go-to. Get yourself a comfortable vertical striped shirt, a pant, or pantsuit, the next time you go shopping.

3. Dress in one color


The next time you wear your jeans and top, try the monochrome style. If black is your go-to color, pair your black trousers with a black top. This styling technique is very efficient in giving out one coherent visual image to the ones around you, making you look taller. While any color would work for the monochrome dressing, dark colors have an upper hand as it makes you leaner.

4. Flared jeans and tailored trousers


You can try flared ones if you have fuller thighs as the extra volume below the knee will slim out your upper leg, according to Cosmopolitan. The flared shape of these trousers will also make it feel like you have longer legs. When you select your bottoms, make sure you go for those that bring out your figure. Trousers that are tailored to your figure are better than loose and baggy ones. You may also try high waisted trousers that are a few inches longer. These long trousers with some heels can give you that elongated look.

5.  Above-the-knee dresses


Many of us stick to midi or maxi dresses but the best way to add that elongated look is to wear a dress just above the knees. It gives the illusion of longer legs and pairing it with an ankle boot will elevate your look so well. If you are not comfortable showing that kind of skin, adding some leggings or tights to your dress will give the same effect. While choosing the dress, prefer a wrap dress over a loose shirt dress which cinches at the waist, according to Who What Wear.

6. Tuck your shirt in


Tucking your shirt while you wear a skirt or a trouser is a great way to highlight your waist, according to Les Petites Ambitieuses. This simple change can make a huge difference in the way you look. A tucked-in shirt or blouse will make your bust look shorter and your legs longer. 

You might want to AVOID:

1. Baggy and loose Styles


While baggy clothes are one of the trendiest and comfortable pieces of clothing, short people should try to avoid it. Instead of flattering your image, these baggy ones add too much fabric and hide your figure. They make you look boxy. Just altering your clothes will help you bring out your figure and elevate your overall look.

2. Long skirts


Long skirts might be easy daily wear but these do not accentuate your figure or add a positive touch to your style. If you want to look a few inches taller, this is definitely not the style you want to go for. As the skirt hides your leg, you may not get the most wanted longer leg illusion, according to petitedressing.com

3.  Big Horizontal Strips


Big bold prints or horizontal stripes are a big no, according to Cheatsheet. Mainly because of the optical illusion of width that they create. It leaves you looking wider and aims the attention of the people around on the big stripes. When adding height is the agenda, these horizontal strips are not on your side.

While these tips will help you look a teeny bit taller, it is important to remember fashion or style is personal. No one knows your body and your comfort better than you. So while these are guidelines to help, it is your opinion on your clothes that matter the most. Here's to happily and stylishly dressed you!