Short Women And Tall Men Make The Happiest Couples, According To Study

Short Women And Tall Men Make The Happiest Couples, According To Study

Yes, we have seen some happy couples where men find love in taller women. However, it's not often the case.

While it's very common for women to date men that are taller than them, it's seldom the case for men who are not as fortunate in the height in the department. Yes, we have seen some happy couples where men find love in taller women, just take Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner for example. However, it's not often the case and I'm sure you're wondering why or how taller men make women happy? Well, a study conducted at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, may have the answer. While the preference for a taller counterpart has evolutionarily reasons, researcher Kitae Sohn revealed there the relationship between height and happiness is still an unchartered territory.


"Although it has been known that women prefer tall men in mating for evolutionary reasons, no study has investigated whether a taller husband makes his wife happier," explained Sohn in the study. Thus, his team collected data from 7850 participants who were representative of the Indonesian population to determine whether this notion is true or not. After analyzing the information, the researcher confirmed that "a greater height difference in a couple was positively related to the wife's happiness." According to Culture Hook, the reason for this heigh-related preference has everything to do with our psychology, evolution, and biology. 


Males and femals are physically and mentally quite different. While men are mostly known for having a larger stature than women, it automatically made them more relaitble in terms providing for their children and keeping them safe since the beginning of times. Men who are taller and larger than their mates automatically indicate a strong sense of dominance which comes as a plus point when it comes to protecting one's family. The fact that their partners rely on them may boost their ego and ultimately make them happy about their role.


As for women, they feel loved and secured when their mate is physically bigger than them. Yep, I know this is not the prehistoric times, but think about it this way, this choice of a partner has been harwired in our DNA for decades. Surely, that'll made the explanation valid because you can't argue with biology now. Apparantely, a previous study also drew corelated a man's height and his potential to be successful, according to Business Insider. Researchers found that recruiters find taller men more truthworthy and reliable especially because of the confidence they radiate thanks to their towering stature.


In yet another study it was found that woman choose men with a lot of wealth to feel secure financially and this gives you an idea why they like tall men in terms of money. Just like in the prehistoric times when women depended on men for security, money is the driving force of that security in this era so don't judge. In addition to all these facts why tall men make their short partners happy, you should know that most of these relationships have an expiry date and I don't mean the "till death do us part" kind. 

Researchers found that the difference in height made the pairs happy intially but noted that there was a a significant decline in marital satisfaction over the course of years. Apparantely, their relationship ended completely within 18 years of marriage. "We thus argue that the husband's height and its correlates made his wife initially happy, but their influence waned over time. Nevertheless, the long period of the dissipation indicates a powerful impact of male height on women's psychology, probably prepared by evolution," concluded the study

While physical appearance is an important deciding factor for some, it's always better to choose a person based on what they are on the inside. Because years down the line, you wouldn't care about their height or looks and the only thing that'll matter is what's on the inside. So choose wisely!