6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Will Keep Pushing On Even When She's Breaking Inside

6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Will Keep Pushing On Even When She's Breaking Inside

Don't expect a strong woman to stay down and crack under pressure because when she rises, she will be a diamond.

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Strong women come in different shapes and sizes. After all, it does set them apart. However, there is one thing that they all have in common — it's that they might be breaking inside, but others will never see those scars. It's those strong women like you who have to fight a daily battle to live their life even while their heart bleeds. And these are the reasons you push through it:

1. You smile through your pain so that no one else is burdened by it

For a strong woman, her loved ones are her first priority. They've only ever seen you as someone who doesn't break down, who can handle just about anything and who is calm in even the most turbulent situations. So for them to witness your pain would only hurt them. So you plaster a smile on your face as you interact with those who love you just so that you can spare them your burden and your broken heart.

2. You know others depend on you to be their rock, even if you don't have someone like that for yourself

You're the one everyone looks to for support and stability. They know they can count on you to be there for them when they need you. And you keep that promise because you are a woman who understands the value of trust. As much as you provide safety and warmth for others, you might not have someone to do the same for you. But you won't complain because it's just how you are and your sacrifice has no ulterior motives.


3. You would rather accept your pain with dignity than cry or show vulnerability in front of others

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You're the kind of person that faces her torment with dignity. You accept your emotions and know just how important they are. Which is why you wouldn't allow them to be disgraced by crying or showing your vulnerable side in front of those who have not yet earned your trust. 

4. You know your true happiness will only come from within

As difficult as it might be to see past the haze of pain, you understand that with time, by focusing on the small things that make you smile, your happiness will come back. After all, your confidence and self-esteem weren't built on the opinions or actions of others. It was your own soul that gave you the power to make you be happy. You know you're not perfect but just that knowledge can be that boost to keep being yourself. 

5. You know your own value and refuse to let anyone else bring you down

You worked hard to become a person you can be proud of. You know your self-worth and won't let anyone make you believe otherwise. Despite the fact that you may be constantly criticized and made to feel less than yourself, your kind, caring and strong nature shine when you least expect it. And that is what adds to who you are and allows you to move on.


6. You have a heart that is always ready to love no matter how many times it has been shattered

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For you, as much heartbreak you might have faced, you believe in the power of love. Granted, love can be messy, explosive and painful, but you know that it is also what brings you and your close ones together. So you do your best to banish the pain and continue to believe that love is still all-encompassing and with the right person, it might just be the most beautiful feeling. Because when you love someone, you give them all of you. 

There are days you might just feel like giving up completely and have no faith in your ability to get back up. But your soul and your heart are stronger than you know. You are a true gem. But give yourself a break once in a while because you deserve it. 

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