Stepmom Refuses To Cook For Stepkids After They Throw Tantrums While Eating Her Food | "I Won’t Cook For His Kids"

Stepmom Refuses To Cook For Stepkids After They Throw Tantrums While Eating Her Food | "I Won’t Cook For His Kids"

The stepmother said it was a hassle to cook separate meals for the kids.

Children often throw tantrums and can sometimes cause frustration. However, taking her age into account, we talk to them and be patient with them. However, one stepmother has decided to take an extreme step just because her stepkids were picky about food just like any other child of their age. 

This stepmother took to Reddit to detail out her side of the story. She said she was married to her husband for a year and that he had two children from his previous marriage. She added that the kids came home every two or three weekends a month.

"He has two children - Lilly (9f) and Ben (6m) from a previous relationship. They usually stay with us for two or three weekends a month. We have no kids of our own (yet!)," wrote the woman, according to Reddit. 

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She then explained that she loved cooking and worked from home. Further, she went on to say that her husband's children had a lot of issues with food when they came home.

"I think it’s safe to say they’re fussy eaters. When I ask them what type of food they like they say “I don’t know.” Lilly takes at least three years to finish a plate of food, or say she’s not hungry, doesn’t want the rest of her lunch, and then immediately ask for a packet of crisps. I always tell her no, you can’t have crisps because you’re not hungry! Ben has had meltdowns over the cheese in his ham and cheese sandwich (he asked for ham and cheese goddamnit!). Now I just make him a ham sandwich, which is fine," wrote the stepmother. 

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The stepmother stated that she cooked two separate meals because of the differences in preference. The kids enjoyed nuggets and chips and such, while the two of them were into health and fitness and preferred clean food.

After giving this context, she went on to describe a recent event. Before her husband went to get the kids home, she told him that she wanted the kids to eat the same food as they did. So, the couple agreed on trying it.

However, it did not go very well with the kids. "So I made chicken and salad wraps for lunch. I honestly thought this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s pretty standard food right?? I was wrong. They both sat there and picked at their food. My husband ended up bribing them with ice cream if they ate all of their food," wrote the woman. 

Seeing that the kids did not like the healthy meal, the husband proposed it was better to get back to preparing separate meals for them as per their liking. "He said it was too much hassle trying to get them to eat what I’d cooked. And it genuinely was a hassle because of how fussy they are," wrote the woman. 

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While she agreed to her husband's outlook, she said cooking for them was a hassle for her. "I said sure - but I’m not cooking two meals because it’s too much hassle for me. I’m happy to cook for the four of us. He’s more than welcome to make them fish fingers if they don’t want what I’m cooking," said the woman, according to Reddit.

She further added, "He thinks I’m an a**hole because “I won’t cook for his kids” and “don’t care what food they like” but I think he’s an a**hole for expecting me behave like a live-in chef. It’s not even like I want to feed his kids sophisticated meals for a refined palate. It’s chicken! And a wrap! And some lettuce!"

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Reddit users immediately commented on the tale. While some supported the woman, other did not think the same. " You’re 100% correct that no one should be cooking the kids a separate meal. It’s actually important for the children’s sake that they learn to eat a wide variety of healthy food," wrote one. Another said, "You’ve tried. I wouldn’t cook my own kids separate meals either. I’m a firm believer of eat what’s in front of you." Meanwhile, some criticized her for calling the kids "his."