The 21 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

The 21 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

The relationship between these two different people can be dangerous and can leave the empath feeling broken and empty. But they are strong enough to move on from their past and build a better future.

"Like poles attract and unlike poles repel," that's what we all believe. But sometimes, this may not be true. Especially in the case of empaths and narcissists. These are two different people who may not be compatible. Empaths are people who have immense patience and a great level of understanding. They love to give and care.

However, narcissists are people who thrive taking advantage of people like empaths. The relationship between two such people may be challenging and would need a lot of compromises. In most cases, the relationship may not be easy for the empaths. Here are 21 stages that are often seen in the relationship between a narcissist and an empath:

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1. Empaths are people who have plenty of love to give and narcissists love the attention they receive from a person who is attracted to them. They make sure they appeal to the empaths. On the other hand, empaths are lured by the charms of the narcissist.

2. Once they are attracted to the narcissists, they get easily connected to the person. Empaths are accessible people who are unaware that other people can take advantage of their good nature. The relationship between the narcissist and the empaths becomes a toxic one with the narcissist taking control of their partner and the relationship itself.

3. In this kind of a relationship, the narcissist is the governor. They decide what is good or bad for the empaths. They make the empaths feel smaller and incapable. The empath starts to believe that their partner knows what's best for them and leaves every decision to the narcissist. They become dependant on them and sees them as a blessing.

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4. Empaths are people who give their heart and soul in a relationship. They love their partner beyond everything and see them as the center of their universe. They are invested in them and believe that they should be around their partner through thick and thin.

5. The wonderful nature of empaths is that they believe in the power of love. They feel that any situation can be overcome with love. They are always positive and think that they can change the nature of their narcissist partner with their warmth and care.

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6. As time passes, empaths start realizing that their relationship is all about their partner, however, they are so in love with them that they feel its better to ignore it. Their patience keeps them away from confronting people and so it becomes advantageous to the narcissist.

7. The narcissist is in control of their partner, their decisions and the relationship in general. However, the chances of friction between the two are minimal because the empath still remains forgiving and loving. The problem arises only when the empath realizes that they are being used by their partner.

8. Empaths are people who require a lot of emotional support. When they see that their needs are not met by their partner, they become frustrated. They would finally make up their minds to address the issues they face.

9. Unlike the empaths, narcissists are people who want to remain the center of attention regardless of what is happening to the other person. They consider themselves to be superior and require the attention and appreciation of others.

10. A point will come in the relationship where the empath has reached their breaking point. They make their problems known to their partner and becomes very vocal about it. This leads to heated arguments and fights. Narcissists who will never be ready to apologize will end up blaming their partner and will call them crazy and delusional. 

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11. Empaths who are soft by nature will start believing in the narcissist and will end up blaming themselves for all the trouble in the relationship. They start questioning themselves and start looking down on themselves.

12. Narcissists are very good at manipulating the truth and twisting it to fit their liking. The empath, unaware of these things, falls under the spell of their partner. They start questioning their sanity and end up being more confused than ever.

13. An empath tends to be honest about their feelings and begins open conversations with their partner. However, it does not work well for the narcissist as it just contributes to more and more ruthless arguments.

14. Empaths are great people but often they are caught up in the loop not knowing that there is an exit. But once they take the time to reflect on their life events, they understand the need to work on themselves.

15. Empaths have a brave and courageous heart that can overcome the biggest hurdles. Though the process may be painful, they are people who can victoriously go through the problem. Their giving nature makes them people who are considerate of others. They mourn with people in their sorrows and make it their own.

16. There always comes a point of realization, however late it may be. Empaths too reach that place. They understand that the people who claimed to love them were just using them and did not respect them. They will teach themselves not to be carried away by charming people who fake love.

17. They soon realize they were the victim in the relationship. The empath will soon get to know the true nature of their partner.

18. The point of self-realization is painful for any empath as they are most invested in the relationship. But the revelation allows them to move forward and put past their toxic relation. It will allow them to start a new phase.

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19. It is not a difficult process for the narcissist as they find it very easy to move on. They have already forgotten their loving and giving partner. They start the next phase of their life with no regret or guilt.

20. Narcissists have always used their charms to attract people. They are never short of people who admire their charm. They are the kind who never feel that they have anything to learn from their past relationship. Changing their ways is out of the question and if it ever happens, it'll akin to a miracle.

21. The relationship often benefits the empaths more even though it was painful. They become stronger and cautious people. They learn to love themselves first and become wiser, stronger and smarter.