South Carolina Mother Dies of COVID-19 After Giving Birth To Her 10th Child

South Carolina Mother Dies of COVID-19 After Giving Birth To Her 10th Child

"She was their sun to their (family) world"

Of the many lives that the pandemic has claimed, Ashley Bennett's was another painful one. The 36-year-old South Carolina woman tragically died from the novel coronavirus on Jan 8th After giving birth to her 10th child, reported People. Bennett was also mother to children Julie, 18; Tyler, 15; Alex, 15; Bredyn, 13; Mikey, 12; Sadie, 5; Macie, 4; Mia, 2; and Logan, 1, her fundraiser's page said.

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Bennett, a stay-at-home mom aspiring to become a funeral director, was 34 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for COVID-19 along with her husband Darryl and her kids, her sister Courtney Bucknam told WIS-TV. "It automatically went to bronchitis with Darryl and Ashley, and Ashley's just progressed drastically," Bucknam said.

Unlike the usual where the patient's condition worsened because of pre-existing ailments, Bennett seemed to be deteriorating faster despite having no previous medical conditions. Noticing that her health was declining quickly, the doctors performed an emergency caesarian section On New Year's Day to deliver Eliza. Unfortunately, she was not able to hold her baby girl before she died due to developing a blood clot that led to a stroke, reports say. 

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"She was pretty amazing. She lit up the room when she came in." Bucknam recollected. Bennett was loved by all and she was her family's 'everything', "She was their sun to their world. Being a mother was Ashely's true purpose in life," Bucknam added. Ashley had also volunteered at the Lexington Fire Department and was the first female to complete the Lexington Fire Academy, Bucknam told reporters. She then went on to call Ashley her soul sister and said, "everybody did refer to us as a true ride or die. She truly was my best friend."

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"If we can learn anything from this, it's that COVID is so serious, and we need to truly take precautions because she was only 36. She had no underlying conditions, and she was gone basically within 10 days. I just wish everybody took it seriously, It can happen to anybody" Bucknam further said. Richland County coroner Naida Rutherford has confirmed that Bennett died from COVID-19, WLTX reported.