The Iconic Sophia Loren Loved Just One Man And Was Loyal To Him For 41 Years Till Death Took Him Away

The Iconic Sophia Loren Loved Just One Man And Was Loyal To Him For 41 Years Till Death Took Him Away

Sophia Loren shared an incredible romantic journey with Carlo Ponti. Though they faced troubles and criticisms, the couple remained strong in love for more than 40 years.

The Pride and the Passion, Two Women, Marriage, Italian Style are few movies that captured the charisma of the Italian-born actress Sophia Loren, known as the living goddess. For decades, this bold and graceful actress entertained us with her acclaimed big screen performances. The Oscar-winning actress who dazzled her fans over the years was admired and loved by people. While the iconic beauty was adored by men all over the world, she kept herself focused on one man. Carlo Ponti was that lucky man who captured the heart of the glamorous queen.

The couple who spent more than 40 years together in a successful marriage had a love story that is surely one of a kind.


Before becoming a renown actress, Sophia was just a girl from Rome who was raised in poverty by her single mother. As a young girl, she was drawn to the theatre and knew she wanted to be in the movies. At the age of 16, Sophia contested for a beauty contest in Rome which changed her life forever. Carlo Ponti, the well-known Italian producer was one of the judges. Their love story began the very moment their eyes met. "I knew immediately she was someone remarkable. Something played off her that gave her a kind of illumination," said Carlo Ponti quoted This is Glamorous

However, Ponti who was 22 years elder to Sophia was already married. The couple went out together and shared magical chemistry. "By that time whenever I went out it was with Carlo. True, he was married and we had to be careful, only later would our fondness turn into love," recalls Sophia in her autobiography quoted Daily Mail. But Sofia never wanted to be the "other" woman in Carlo's life. However, she knew in her heart that Carlo was someone who would stay by her side forever.


Carlo helped Sophia launch her career. He became her talent agent and guided her. "I was trying to get ahead but without taking any false steps, and knowing that Carlo was on my side was a huge help. There was something fatherly about his presence, too, and I'd never had a real father," said Sophia years later.

Over the next four years, Carlo stood by Sophia and made her a known name in the entertainment world. While her career was growing, so was their love. Carlo who had already decided to separate from his wife proposed to the 20-year-old.


While people criticized their affair, the hopeless romantic duo tied the knot on September 17, 1957. Though the couple faced several legal troubles because of their marriage, the two were inseparable. Two years later, the couple welcomed their first child  Carlo Ponti, Jr. In 1973, Sophia gave birth to their second child.


The pair may have seemed like a mismatch to many but the couple flourished in their love and career. In 2007, Carlo who felt trouble breathing was taken to the hospital. Sophia who immensely loved him sat by his side till he closed his eyes forever.  Years later, she was asked if she would marry again to which the actress replied, "No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else," quoted This is Glamorous.