Clint Eastwood's Ex- Locke Wished She Had Left The Relationship Earlier|He Forced Her To Abort While He Cheated On Her

Clint Eastwood's Ex- Locke Wished She Had Left The Relationship Earlier|He Forced Her To Abort While He Cheated On Her

Sondra Locke lost a lot after her relationship with Clint Eastwood. Her career took a downfall and she was left with the scars of a horrible relationship.

The pain of toxic relationships can stay forever no matter how much you move on. Clint Eastwood's ex-partner Sondra Locke lived with it till the end of her life. Her relationship with Eastwood was far from a fairytale that she was left traumatized by the whole experience. 

Locke lived with the veteran actor for 14 years but what she thought would be the most romantic and happiest days of her life was just a nightmare. Speaking to Independent, the actress stated, "There are times I wish I had only read it, and never lived it. My biggest misfortune, my greatest regret, is that I wish I’d cut my time with Clint in half. I wouldn’t say I wish I never had the relationship, but I wish I’d found a way, I’d understood who he was, where it would end, five or six years earlier so I could have gotten on with things."


Locke had left her home at the age of 19 was determined something of her own. The actress met Eastwood at the sets of the film, The Outlaw Josey Wales in 1975, and romantic sparks instantly flew between them. Eventually, she moved with the actor, who was 14 years elder to her. Besides, he was already married to his first wife Maggie Johnson.

Recalling her relationship with Eastwood, Locke said, "I seemed to bring out the little boy in him. And although he loved me for my childlike nature, he brought out the woman in me," according to the Independent. However, as years went by, their relationship proved to nothing less than a disaster.


The actor, who was called "Daddy" by Locke was forced to undergo various procedures to ensure that she did not conceive. According to The Sun, Eastwood believed that their lifestyle was not apt for children. However, he never allowed her to use birth control pills. Instead, he said it was better to use a "natural" method of birth control.

But those methods did not stop her from getting pregnant twice. As a result, she had to go through abortions and even a sterilization operation known as tubal ligation. In her book, The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly: A Hollywood Journey, the actress wrote, "The whole process was awkward and entailed taking my temperature every morning and marking the calendar, etc. It was demanding and ultimately it had failed twice," according to The Sun.


Despite it all, the relationship continued. But soon, she realized that her partner had fathered two kids with Jacelyn Reeves. While it was one factor that contributed to the fall out in their relationship, Eastwood did not like Locke becoming more independent.

"I understood it would be at the risk of our relationship. And when I did, that was the beginning of the end," recalled Locke. In the end, the actor kicked her out of their home. According to Radar Online, he changed all the locks and moved her belongings to storage that was inaccessible to her. Furious by the actor's treatment, Locke sued the actor.


Soon enough, she learned she was suffering from breast cancer. The case eventually ended in a settlement that included $1.5 million and a three-year contract to work with Warner Bros. Unfortunately, those deals did not work out for the actress and her career went downhill. Her relationship with Eastwood only contributed her to losing her happiness and ending up in misery.

Moreover, her career was overshadowed by her toxic relationship with the veteran actor. "Humiliation, mental anguish... severe emotional and physical distress and... mental and physical harm," are the words she used to describe her relationship, according to People

After going through so much trauma, the actress passed away at the age of 74 in 2018.