Son Charged With Murder Of His Elderly Parents Whose Bodies He Buried In The Woods

Son Charged With Murder Of His Elderly Parents Whose Bodies He Buried In The Woods

Nicholas Alexander Johnson and his parents had a lot of issues. His parents had a no-contact order against him.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a Michigan couple was brutally murdered by their own son. According to People, Nicholas Alexander Johnson has been charged with two counts of open murder in the death of his parents, Gary Johnson, 65, and Laura Johnson, 64. Additionally, he is also facing two counts of felony firearm and a single count of felon in possession of a firearm. 

The incident came to light after the couple from Portage was reported missing. They were last seen on 3 February 2021. The missing came to notice after Gary failed to show up at work for more than a week. Consequently, the authorities were informed. They went to the couple's house to conduct a welfare check on 9 February 2021. On arriving at the house, the officials found signs of violence. However, there was no trace of the elderly couple. Shortly after, police began their search for the couple with the help of a cadaver dog. 


Three days after searching, the authorities discovered the body in the woods at Gourdneck State Game Area on 12 February 2021, according to Mlive

Meanwhile, Nicholas was arrested hours after his parents were reported missing. He was found hiding at a storage shed in a Portage apartment complex that was located about a mile from his parents' home. Other than the murder charges, the 27-year-old is also held on other outstanding charges that include a break-in at his parents' home in 2019. 

The motive of the murders is still not clear. However, Nicholas is held without bond. It is not certain if he has entered a  plea or retained an attorney to speak on his behalf. 


Gary's older brother, David Johnson stated that Nicholas and his parents had issues for a while. He recalled his brother saying that "if it ever came down to physically having to control Nick, he didn't think he could do it."


Speaking to Mlive, David stated, "From the first time I heard they were missing — which was on Wednesday the 10th early in the morning — as much as I wanted to believe otherwise, the rational part of me understood it was pretty much leading to something like this." He added, "None of it was unexpected — unwanted, but not unexpected." 

Assistant Prosecutor Greg Russell stated that the elderly couple had a non-contact order against their son.  Nicholas will be indicted at the Kalamazoo County District Court. 


Cover Image: Source| Kalamazoo County Jail