6 Tiny Things Happy Couples Do For Each Other Every Day Which Make Them Fall In Love Again And Again

6 Tiny Things Happy Couples Do For Each Other Every Day Which Make Them Fall In Love Again And Again

Every long-term couple needs to bring in the excitement in their relationship by adding new things. These small gestures can take make stronger and happier as a couple.

When you are in a happy relationship, times passes by without your knowledge. According to Terri Orbuch, author and researcher, happy marriages or partnership is not hard work. When you are already satisfied in your relationship, it is much easier to make it better by introducing small changes or adding new things into your daily routine. The research conducted for his book 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great showed that adding positive behaviors to the relationship has a greater impact on the couple's happiness than trying to fix the wrong things in the relationship. Here are a few things you can do to make your partner fall in love with you every day. 

1. Small gestures will take you a long way 

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The research showed that small gestures had a greater impact on the lives of the couples than surprise grand gestures that came once in a while. Bringing a hot cup of coffee to your partner or writing small love notes that shows you care can go a long way. When your partner knows that you care for them and that you are always thinking about them, it will contribute to their happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.

2. A spontaneous date will be refreshing

With heavy workloads and household chores, most couples do not find enough time to spend with each other. A date with your partner is a great way to keep your love life healthy and fresh. It can be a small dinner at home, a movie night or a couples' dance class. Think what interests them and make plans that are exciting each of you. Orbuch says that women are passionate when they are in a setting away from kids and chores. So date outside may be a great idea.

3. Keep your communication channels open 

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Relationships thrive on good open communications. Checking on each other's needs not only ensures a great bond and understanding but also makes you aware of the emotions and feelings of your partner. Just straight up asking them if they are okay, or talking about something that is bothering you is just a great way to start. It opens up a channel which allows them to come up to you and you can go to them when it's needed. Making it a habit to talk about your emotions, both positive and negative, helps you have a more fulfilled relationship.

4. Mix it up a little

Every relationship needs efforts that will help them grow. While you and your partner may be happy with the way things are between each other, surprising each other with small changes can contribute to happiness. If it always your partner who cooks dinner and arranges dates, surprise them by doing it. If they are the one who takes the initiative to do something different, you can be the one to do it this time. Introduce new routines, hobbies that will increase the bonding you share with your partner.

5. Laugh together 

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Laughter is the key to happy relationships. There is nothing like humor to bring two people closer. While your life may be stressful, take time to be childish, to bring a smile on your partner's face. Recreate the days when you were young and full of enthusiasm that you did not care to act a little stupid just to see your partner laugh out loud. Throw snowballs at your partner or go crazy on the dance floor.

6. Show your support 

Your partner needs to know that you care and that you have their back. It gives a sense of reassurance and support to them. Orbuch said that the couples who took part in the research said that having their partner be there for them was one of the biggest aspects of their happy relationship. Therefore, showing your support to the one you love means a lot to them, whether it is instrumental or emotional support. Take the initiative to find out what kind of support your partner needs and support them no matter what.