Your Usual Sleeping Position With Your Partner Reveals Truths About Your Relationship

Your Usual Sleeping Position With Your Partner Reveals Truths About Your Relationship

We might not think and plan before we sleep but our subconscious mind controls the way we sleep with our partner. These sleeping positions reflect on your relationship and the love you share with each other.

We are familiar that body language says a lot about our relationships. It says if we are attracted, in love or even moving away from our partner. However, how many of you know that your different sleeping positions tell a lot about your relationship. According to HuffPost, the body language that you display while sleeping is the best way to understand what is going on in your relationship. Here are some of the most popular couple sleeping positions that will help you discover a lot of unsaid things.

1. The Nuzzle

The Nuzzle

It is a very common sleeping position observed in new couples and rekindled relationships. The nuzzle is characterized by a partner sleeping on the chest of the other with their legs intertwined with each other. “There’s a high level of trust here,” as this snuggling position has a “strengthening sense of comradeship and protection,” says Shirley Glass, a psychologist, and marital therapist to HuffPost. If you are sleeping on the back, it means you are confident and protective. However, if you are the one resting on your partner's chest, it means you are independent yet appreciative of your partner and the love you share with him or her.

2. The Back Kissers

The Back Kissers

According to MBG Health, this is usually observed in new couples or couples who have known each other for some time. The position shows that both the partners are comfortable with each other. The back kissers are people who fall asleep back to back, maintaining contact at the spine. The partners involved are both independent individuals who appreciate their own space. However, they still want to remain connected sexually.

3. The Spoon

The Spoon

Though this position is very well known, it is not that popular. Only 18 percent of couples prefer sleeping in this position.  According to a relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, the position is a very traditional one which indicates protectiveness and comfort. “It’s a very vulnerable position that’s sexual, but says, ‘I trust you,’” said Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language to HuffPost.

4. The Chase

The Chase

Though it looks like a spoon. It is quite different as one partner has moved away from the center. It looks like as if one partner is chasing the other partner who has moved towards the side. According to Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body, this position means that one partner requires more space in the bed and wants to be pursued by the other. 

5. The Liberty Lovers

The Liberty Lovers

In this case, both the partners are facing the opposite side. Now you may be thinking, "Oh, that's bad." But, according to Corrine Sweet, such couples are secure in themselves. The position depicts the independence they have and also the closeness of the bond they share. About 27 percent of couples prefer this position. They are those couples who are ok in their own worlds but cannot wait to be with the person they love.

6. The Tangle

The Tangle

This intense position of sleeping is very rare. It is usually observed when there is a flow of intense emotions between the partners or at the beginning of a new relationship. However, some couples carry on with the same sleeping position throughout their relationship.  Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, a New York psychotherapist thinks it is not good for the relationship as it displays two overly dependent partners. 

7. The Leg Hog

The Leg Hogs

This is the position where one partner has his or her leg intertwined with the other partner. According to the body language expert, Patti Wood, the partner who has intertwined their leg craves sexual connection. However, if both the legs are locked, it means that the two partners are equally passionate and share a strong emotional and sexual connection. A third interpretation of the leg hog is that the partner who is in casual contact with his or her leg is trying to maintain contact even after a heated argument.

8. The Unraveling Knot

The Unraveling Knot

This sleeping position starts with the very intimate tangling position, however, it breaks off after a few minutes. You may not believe it but it is the sign of a very strong relationship. Though it is not very common and is only observed among 8 percent of couples, this position signifies a great bond. Psychologist Corrine Sweet describes the position as “A compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds.”



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