Heartbroken Sister Tearfully Held Her 12YO Brother's Hand Till His Last Breath | "I Just Didn’t Want Him To Be Alone"

Heartbroken Sister Tearfully Held Her 12YO Brother's Hand Till His Last Breath | "I Just Didn’t Want Him To Be Alone"

Aedan Selph had pre-existing medical conditions such as brain swelling, scoliosis, and seizures.

The bond between siblings is special. Despite the arguments and resentful interactions, they have a love that is hidden deep within them. So, no matter what their equation might be, losing one of them is beyond heartbreaking. One sister was forced to bid farewell to her little brother after he became a victim of the deadly coronavirus.

According to People, 12-year-old Aedan Selph from New Mexico passed away at the Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, after being infected with the virus.

He is the youngest individual in the state to have lost his life to coronavirus. His sister Evelyn Wolfe, who learned her brother was not going to make it out of the ordeal as she was preparing to leave the hospital, rushed to the intensive care unit to be with him.


Within seconds, she put on the protective equipment and sat beside her brother as he struggled to stay alive. “And as we were walking out of the elevators to go home somebody came running down telling us, ‘Hey, he’s not going to make it.' And me and my mom ran back upstairs and my mom was like, ‘You’ll get dressed faster than I will,'" said Evelyn, according to The Albuquerque Journal.

She held on to the hands of the 12-year-old as he dozed into an everlasting sleep. Recalling the last few minutes with her dear sibling, the sister stated, "I went in there and said a prayer over him and held his hand in my hand while he took his last breath."

She continued, "I just didn’t want him to be alone. I knew it was coming. I just couldn’t let my little brother be alone. Nobody should be alone when that happens."


The young teenager contracted the virus from his father, who is an essential worker. Having pre-existing medical conditions such as brain swelling, scoliosis, and seizures, Aedan got infected along with his dad. According to Evelyn, Aedan's conditions were manageable before he contracted the virus. 

"If it was not for coronavirus, if it was not for COVID, my brother would still be here," she said. "It can affect anybody — whether you're healthy, whether you do have an underlying condition. What I want people to think about is, 'Yeah, you might be okay right now, but you don't know what the person next to you has at home,'" said the heartbroken sister, according to CNN

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Aedan's mother and two other siblings also contracted the virus. Evelyn informed that her father had recovered.

After losing her beloved brother, Evelyn reminisced the good times with him and said, "My brother was our light — the most unconditionally loving little boy — and that light's gone now. I'm trying to keep my parents together and my siblings together, reminding them of the good times and everything my brother did stand for in our family."

A GoFundMe page has been created to support the family who is struggling to make the funeral arrangements.