Sister-In-Law Shames Breast Cancer Survivor Mother For Not Wearing Her Breasts To Child's Soccer Practice

Sister-In-Law Shames Breast Cancer Survivor Mother For Not Wearing Her Breasts To Child's Soccer Practice

The sister-in-law thought the mother not wearing her prosthetics would give a wrong idea to teenage girls and boys.

Breast cancer affects a lot of women around the world. The deadly illness often leads to the removal of breasts. One woman was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her second child. The illness caused her to lose her breasts but the mother refrained from getting breast implants. While she was happy with her decision, her sister-in-law seems to have a problem.

The mother took to Reddit to share the story. She told users that she had no other option than to remove her breasts as her cancer was detected quite late. She also stated that she did not like surgeries and therefore opted out of getting implants. Instead, she chose to use wearables. While she wore them most of the time, there were days she did not use them. 

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She wrote, "I found wearables that were the size I used to be. I have three that are cheaper and for more everyday wear, and two that are much higher quality and for occasions that I would need it to look more seamless. I wear them most weekdays and to make outfits look better, but sometimes I don't wear them if they would get in the way or be a problem. Point is, I can basically choose when I have boobs and when I don't."

The mother then went on to narrate an incident where her decision to not wear prosthetics was not respected. She shared that her son and her nephew were soccer teammates. One day, the two boys had an early practice, and being in a hurry to get her son to the session, the mother did not get the time to wear her implants. However, when she met her sister-in-law at the venue, she was furious. She did not approve of her being out without her implants.

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"I was busy getting out the door and decided that my chest was just one too many things to do. My sister in law came up to me at the practice steaming about my looks. She was angry with me for not having my prosthetic on," wrote the woman, according to Reddit. 

The angry sister-in-law lectured the woman and told her she was giving teenage boys and girls a very wrong idea by not wearing the breast implants. She wrote, "In her mind, I was giving all of the (family) kids the idea that you can just "take off your tits" if you're not interested, which will give girls the wrong idea about puberty and make the boys less sympathetic if they think it's a choice(?). I'm apparently also making people "think I'm trans/that my husband and I are gay" (paraphrased)."

The mother, upset by the offensive comments, said she did not know how to respond to her sister-in-law. She added that she asked her family for an opinion and they asked her to be "consistent" with her appearance to prevent any confusion among kids.

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"I've talked to some other people in the family and they say that while she went about it the wrong way, I should "be consistent" with how I look so the kids don't get confused. My husband says he doesn't care either way," wrote the woman.

Reddit users shared their experiences and encouraged the helpless woman. "Please OP, dont let these people control something that they know nothing about! You do whatever makes you feel comfortable. The people that matter (husband and kids) are on your side. This is easily explainable to kids and adults should just mind their business," wrote one user.

Another stated, "This. SIL is insane and pushing her weird hang ups onto everyone else. I very much doubt the children are interested and even if they are, you could just tell them the truth...?!"