Single Dad Cuts His 7YO Daughter's Hair Because She Doesn’t ‘Maintain It’, Asks If He Was Wrong To Do That

Single Dad Cuts His 7YO Daughter's Hair Because She Doesn’t ‘Maintain It’, Asks If He Was Wrong To Do That

The dad who has long hair himself decided to take matters into his own hands.

As a parent, you always try to do what's best for your child, and sometimes teaching them a life lesson can feel quite conflicting. One dad wondered if he was in the wrong and took to Reddit, asking if he was at fault for cutting his 7-year-old daughter's long hair that was originally down to her belly.

He took the drastic step because she wasn't taking care of it. He pointed out that he has "warned her over the last year that if she doesn't start brushing her hair at least twice a day, we're getting it cut shorter. Every morning is a battle. I've talked to her mom about it and she agreed that I can get it cut if she doesn't take responsibility for her cleanliness."

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The frustrated father is also someone who has long hair, down past his chest, and feels his daughter was not taking his lessons on hair care seriously. So he cut her hair about an inch below her shoulders. His daughter broke down and even his mother and sister got upset with him. "My mom told me I'm going to ruin my daughter if I don't start taking parenting classes and that cutting her hair was completely unnecessary," he shared, asking Reddit if he overreacted and if his daughter was too young to learn the lesson he was trying to implicate. Most people seemed to think  that it was okay for the child to get a haircut but the problem was the father cut the child's hair too rashly.

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In an update, he also shared:  I may have left a few key details out. I do brush her hair every morning and for the last three years she has complained about the tangles hurting. I've seen a lot of suggestions for conditioner and new brushes, but the ones we have were purchased with her in mind from a salon.
Over the last few years I've talked to her about how people with long hair need to take care of it. I've been trying to get her to start brushing it for a couple years, never expecting her to take over completely, but to just start learning to care for herself. She puts no effort into it and puts the brush down and wanders off to play games and this is where the argument comes in. She doesn't have to be self sufficient, but she needs to at least try. Last week we went into the salon at Wal Mart to see if we could get it done professionally, but they were overbooked for over a week, so I told her we would do it next week. I've been telling her for over a month that we ARE getting her hair cut since she refuses to even attempt to brush her hair when asked. Quite a few people think she's too young to learn, others say their kids who are younger can already take care of their own hair. It appears to differ from child to child. There was some Redditors who were also supportive of the dad's actions.

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After everyone's inputs, the dad has decided that he "will never again cut her hair, and I have apologized to her already, but she seems to have bounced back already. She's not upset anymore. I guess the initial trauma struck her hard this morning.With differing opinions on what actions I should have taken, I think what I can learn from this is to set clear boundaries and consequences and always follow through with a cool head. Also, I did not HOLD MY DAUGHTER DOWN. I told her to go get the scissors, she did, handed them to me, and I told her to sit down in front of me. Thanks again for all your insight!"

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