22YO Simone Biles Breaks World Record Of Most Medals Won By Any Athlete In Gymnastics EVER, After Winning 24th AND 25th Medal

22YO Simone Biles Breaks World Record Of Most Medals Won By Any Athlete In Gymnastics EVER, After Winning 24th AND 25th Medal

Simone Biles began her career in 2013. Ever since Biles has accomplished major victories. She is now a global face of the sport worldwide.

Some people make history and no matter how many years go by, their names will always be remembered among the greatest individuals. Simone Biles, the 22-year-old American gymnast just become one of those people. The young girl mesmerized the world with her record performance proving she is an athlete of immense passion and talent.

According to BBC News, Biles broke the record for most medals won by any gymnast after winning her 24th championship medal at the World Gymnastics Championships held in Germany. The young girl won the gold medal on the balance beam on October 13, 2019. Her supercharged and flawless routine broke the tie with Belarusian gymnast Vitaly Scherbo. She scored 15.066 for a simple dismount than her usual double-double.


On hearing her score, the athlete jumped up from her seat with a broad smile. She said, "I was really excited. I thought it was going to be at least a 14.8, 14.9, but to see 15, I was like, 'Well, that's pretty crazy,' so I was very proud." 

After putting out a winning show, Biles returned to give yet another outstanding performance in the same tournament. Her floor exercise routine that consisted of the triple twisting double somersault awarded her with her 25th medal. “This is really the best world performance I have ever put out,” said Biles."It's just a good floor routine, farewell to just the end of this world championship chapter here in Stuttgart," said the elated athlete. With her performance at Stuttgart, the young athlete added 5 more golds to her name, making a total of 19 golds to her 6-year long career.


However, Biles does not care about the number of medals she has won. "I can't be more thrilled with the performance that I put out at this world championships," said the athlete. On being asked about the record, the humble gymnast said, "I'm not a number person." Though her down-to-earth demeanor does not give importance to the statistics, her personality and talent have inspired both professional and aspiring gymnasts.


"I'm second in the world after Simone Biles, and she's obviously so amazing. And to be second is super crazy. I don't know how she's been doing this for so long," said 16-year-old U.S. gymnast Sunisa Lee, who won silver for the floor exercise.

Biles, who began her career in 2013, is not showing any signs of slowing down. With every performance, the routines she chooses are more innovative and challenging than the previous one. The young gymnastics prodigy has four skills officially named after her.


“When you had so much success in the sport, what brings you back in the gym is something original — some different stuff. It’s not just winning. … It’s much better to come with a purpose [such as] putting your name in the Code of Points or trying a different skill that nobody else ever did before,” said Biles’s coach, Laurent Landi. The young girl driven by her passion and zeal to bring more to the sport has gained worldwide attention after her brilliant performances. With her latest accomplishments, the world is waiting to see her next year's Olympics performance.