6 Signs In Your Sexual Relationship That Reveal Your Partner Is Manipulative And Controlling

6 Signs In Your Sexual Relationship That Reveal Your Partner Is Manipulative And Controlling

Sexual connection sometimes can say a lot about the partners and their relationship. Certain signs may mean you are not with the right person.

Sexual relationship is an expression of the love and bond shared by partners. The kind of sex you have with your partner says a lot about them and the kind of relationship you share. They are great indicators of your emotional attachment and your physical comfort level. Some sexual practices, however, reflect a problem in the relationship. Here are a few signs that reveal that your relationship is unhealthy and your partner may be controlling and manipulative:

1. Your sex is not intimate

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Sex is about connection. In a relationship where partners care for each other, sex is all about intimacy. However, if your sexual relationship lacks care, love, and genuine affection, it might mean that it is not healthy. If it is more like a robotic activity dictated by your partner that involves no emotions, it means that your partner might not be a person who wants to connect with you on any level.

2. You don't like it 

Sexual relationships involve two people who care about each other. Sex that is centered around one person means that you might be with a partner who cares about no one except themselves. If you observe that your partner has no regard for your sexual boundaries, it means that they do not respect you and your emotions. This kind of sexual relationship is not healthy.

3. You have to fake it 

Every relationship thrives on good communication and trust. If couples do not have an understanding in their relationship, it will be reflected in their sexual relationship too. You might end up faking pleasure for the satisfaction or confidence boost of your partner. This kind of behavior shows that you do not trust your partner. You are not comfortable addressing your needs or wants to a partner who has also not shown the interest to know about it. 

4. You feel unsafe

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Comfort is an important factor in any sexual relationship. If your partner is forcing or manipulating you into doing things that you feel is unsafe, you might be in an abusive relationship. In such cases, it is important to seek help as your partner may be exposing you to sexually transmitted diseases or other risks that may put you into trouble. 

5. You feel it is one-sided

Sexual relationships are a two-way street. Both partners play a major role in making the experience a pleasurable one. But if your partner keeps demanding more and returns very less, it might mean that they are controlling. It may also mean that they are not concerned about your satisfaction and is very self-centric. 

6. You are being played

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You believe that you are building a trustworthy and sincere relationship with your partner but you observe that they have different personalities. Your partner seems to act like the perfect one only when they want to get you on the bed. In such cases, you should understand that you are being played by a manipulative partner who knows how to use your emotions against you.