5 Signs Your Partner Is NOT Your Soulmate | Your Twin Soul Could Be Still Out There Somewhere

5 Signs Your Partner Is NOT Your Soulmate | Your Twin Soul Could Be Still Out There Somewhere

You care and love for your partner yet you feel the puzzle is not complete.

Your love might have felt magical to you at first but as your relationship progressed you may have started to feel something is not right. But that does not mean you are not attached to your partner. There is a strong emotional bond you share with them but at the end of the day, you cannot ignore the fact that you are not satisfied in your relationship.

This might be because the person you love may not be your true soulmate. If that is the case, you need to move on because your perfect one might be waiting for you somewhere.

Here are a few signs that your partner is not your soulmate. 

1. You don't trust your partner

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You genuinely love them but you find it difficult to fully believe in them. The things that they do are so different from their doings. Though you are open to giving them a second chance, it seems like they never want to change. You have now reached a point where you don't trust in their words and promises. This might mean they are not the one for you.

"It's just not going to work if they tell you lies, don't keep promises, and cheat on you - no matter how much you care," stated Chad Elliot, confidence and communication coach, and owner of Seattle Improv Classes to Bustle

2. You are always anxious around your partner

When you come home after a day's work to your partner, you are looking for a comfortable space where you can put down your guards and be comfortable. However, you have not been able to feel that way for long.

When you are home with your partner, you are uncomfortable, tense, and stressed. Your partner does not make the effort to understand your worries, neither do they give a shoulder for you to let go of your burdens.

This shows the cracks in your relationship and also reveals your partner is not your soulmate. According to Stacy Kaiser, Live Happy Editor-at-large and psychotherapist, "If the person makes you regularly anxious or uncomfortable instead of peaceful, relaxed and comfortable," they are not your soulmate. 

3. You imagine yourself with other people

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When you are with someone whom you connect in every level, you will never think of being with another person. Your lives are so much in sync that you find it tough to even imagine a life without them. However, when you fail to find that compatibility with your partner, your mind wanders.

You look at others and imagine them to be a potential partner. This would only happen if your current partner is not your soulmate. "It's human nature to fantasize about what life would be like with someone else. It becomes a problem when you are constantly choosing to daydream about a life with someone else," said Kimberly Hershenson, LMSW, NYC-based therapist to Bustle. 

4. You are not growing as a person

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Being with the right person means that you are also growing together and becoming better individuals. Your partner will motivate you to challenge yourself with new goals. Even if you give up, they will push you with their words of encouragement.

Over the course of time, you will see the changes in yourself. But when your partner is not the right one, you will observe a decline in growth. Sometimes, you feel like you have lost your zeal for life. If you begin to observe such things, you might want to re-examine the partner you are with and the status of your relationship. 

5. You can't envision a clear future together

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When you think about your future, your vision is blurred. Consciously or unconsciously, your plans only involve you. Your partner has no place in your dreams of traveling the world or buying a property. Besides, you prefer being solo than having them around. This clearly shows you are de-attaching from the person you care about. It also reveals they are not the one.