7 Signs Your Partner Loves You But Is Not Attracted To You Anymore

7 Signs Your Partner Loves You But Is Not Attracted To You Anymore

Love and affection are important for any relationship. However, for a relationship to last, the attraction between partners is crucial. If your partner seems disinterested all the time, things might have changed on their side that you are unaware of.

Do you remember those early days when the smallest glance from your partner would leave you with a tingling feeling? And it was more than just about their presence that is making you smile. The love you saw in their eyes was felt on a more physical level. The attraction you felt for each other was apparent in the smallest of ways, either in the way they spoke to you or how they were in bed. But months, years perhaps have now passed and things are just not the same anymore.

They may still love you. The commitment they have for you is visible in how much they care about you. But the attraction, that spark you once shared is now dead. Here are a few signs that indicate your partner is no longer attracted to you anymore.

1. Conversations have become buddy-like

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It is important to be friends with the partner you love but it becomes weird when your conversations are only about picking up groceries, unwashed laundry and making dinner. These conversations are, of course, needed but if they take over every other flirtatious conversation you shared with them, it is surely not going in the right direction. Attraction doesn't just have to be about long romantic talks. It can also be about how you physically interact with each other. Are they making enough time to spend time with you and appreciate each other for the bond you share?

2. They always say "Yes"

Gone are the days when you had arguments and debates on small things. You cannot recall a recent incident where your partner engaged in some banter with you. All they do nowadays is nod their head and say "yes." They have stopped giving you their opinion. This type of behavior just means that they have stopped caring about you and what you think. They just do not want to waste their energy on these conversations.

3. Things are becoming awkward

You and your partner have spent hours together laughing and talking about the silliest of things. No matter how silly your jokes were, they laughed at them and gave you a naughty smirk. You still have those conversations but something is just weird. It seems like they have done this over and over with you and is bored by it.

4. You are rarely on their call list

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In the initial days of your relationship, they called you at least thrice a day to check if you were alright. Though there was nothing special to talk about, they spent hours on the phone with you. Now it's all about which bread to buy or when to pay the bills. Your calls and texts are all about it and none to find out if you were doing alright. 

5. They hug you but it's not desirous

There is nothing like coming home to the one you love and getting a warm hug from them. Being under their arms gives a sense of safety, love, and intimacy. However, there is something missing now. They are not the same who would heat up any situation to be with you, they seem to have lost the spark to do it. 

6. No more romance 

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Surprise gifts, birthday flowers, date nights, chocolates, all of have come to a standstill. You cannot recall the last time they made you feel special with a small gesture. It does not mean that your partner does not care about you. They still love you and want to ensure you are fine. However, there is no sign of romance and no effort made to woo you anymore. 

7. Quality time but no fun time

You and your partner still share a lot of mutual interests. You discuss your favorite shows on television, the most recent movies you watched and even go for long walks by the beach. But, you are not the couple that used to make spontaneous plans and went on exciting trips. It might be possible that your partner does not associate fun with you anymore.