6 Signs That Your Long-Term Partner Is Emotionally Disconnecting From The Relationship

6 Signs That Your Long-Term Partner Is Emotionally Disconnecting From The Relationship

Your partner may be physically present but they might be miles away from you emotionally. These signs will help you understand if your partner has lost his love for you.

Time and effort are two things that are extremely essential in any long term relationships. However sometimes, regardless of the energy you invest into making your relationship work, you might notice that things are still a little off. You tend to realize that your partner is slowly moving away from the bond you once shared and may perhaps even jump to conclusions regarding what's on their mind. However, the best thing to do is to communicate with your partner and to understand their feeling and worries. There are a few telling signs that will help you understand if your partner is distancing themselves from you emotionally.

1. They have stopped arguing

Disagreements and some loud screams are part of any relationship. When two people communicate, it is only natural to have different opinions on things, and this may end up in heated arguments. But what tests the mettle of the relationship is also the fact that you're able to resolve the conflict without causing long-term damage and more importantly, that yoiu care enough to actually disagree with your partner.

Fair arguments are a sign of a healthy relationship. However, if you notice that your partner doesn't have the will to argue, it can be a sign of a bigger problem in the relationship. "We fight when we care when we don’t feel heard and want to be seen. When one stops fighting, this can be a sign of lost interest in the relationship,” says psychologist Anne Crowley quoted Huffington Post.

2. They don't prioritize you anymore

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Regardless of the countless responsibilities they had, there was a time when your partner prioritized you and your needs above others. However, you have noticed that they are too busy to be around for you. A sudden group of friends, a new hobby and hectic work schedules have replaced you in their life. They seem to cancel every date or every fun thing you planned to do with them. These things may mean that your partner is not ready to invest his time into your relationship. “You deserve to feel important and special in your in partner’s life. If that isn’t happening, it may be time to step back to assess the relationship,” says marriage and family therapist Lynsie Seely. 

3. They are unusually slow to respond to calls or texts

It is very normal for people to become busy. However, when your once-responsive partner suddenly seems to less bothered by the number of times you called or texted, it could mean they are distancing from you. This may initially start as small excuses but you may notice it becomes their habit. Unanswered calls and no return texts for a long time is more than a sign of being busy. “People can begin to pull away in subtle ways, so how responsive someone is to you may be an indicator that they are losing interest,” psychologist Gina Delucca. 

4. They rarely touch you 

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In the early stages of love and romance, couples usually spend a lot of time showing their affection to one another. But as time passes by, changes are bound to happen. You may not hold hands in public or have frequent sex on the couch but you will still want to hold and kiss the person you love. If you notice that you and your partner haven't had any physical contact for a long time, you may need to worry. The lack of morning kisses, warm hugs, and back rubs are an indication of them pulling away from you. “As interest begins to wane, so do displays of physical affection,” says psychologist Jamie Goldstein to Huffington Post.

5. They have stopped asking questions

Couples who love each other, care for each other too. They are interested in knowing not major life events but are also concerned about each other daily wellbeing. It is very common for a partner to text his love asking if they had lunch or had a great day at work. When your relationship lacks such small enquires, it may mean your partner is not interested in you. If they want to be out of your life and the relationship you share, they might not want to or remember to check on you. “As couples ‘tune out’ of their partner or the relationship, they stop being interested in the small things that are happening as part of each other’s day and life,” says couple therapist Isiah McKimmie to Huffington Post. 

6. They ignore your attempts to connect 

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You have tried to gain the attention and love of your partner through your actions. You even went to the extent of asking about the worries of your partner. However, you have noticed that your partner does not want to reciprocate or try to connect with you in any way. Your attempts are not even noticed or given any regard by them. Your partner is not sad that you are not satisfied with the relationship.

“If you feel like you’re having to ask (or nag) your partner for more attention, it’s likely they’re losing interest. In healthy relationships attempts to gain our partner’s attention, affection or support are met in positive or affirming ways. When relationships become strained, these attempts are ignored or met with negative responses,” says McKimmie.