6 Signs That Your Partner Is No Longer Emotionally Connected To You But Won't Say it

6 Signs That Your Partner Is No Longer Emotionally Connected To You But Won't Say it

Relationships thrive on the emotional and physical connection. If any of these two ingredients are missing, your relationship may be in trouble.

A healthy relationship between two partners is not just about physical intimacy but also about being connected mentally and emotionally. And most long-term relationships are based on the latter two factors. However, as time passes by, long term relationships have a tendency to get into a rut. This may result in a lot of couples becoming emotionally detached.

Here are a few signs that say your partner may no longer be emotionally connected to you.

1. Your partner does not want to spend time with you anymore

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There was a time when you and your partner spend quality time with each other. But nowadays, you see that they always have an excuse to not talk or be in your company. Every time you suggest a day out together or make some spontaneous plans, they tend to cancel on you. Either its work or some friends you are unaware of. These signs may suggest an emotional detachment from your partner.  

2. Your partner does not say "I love you" the same way as before

You cherish those days when your partner told you how much they loved you. No matter where you were, they made it a point to make you feel loved. However, you see an emotional block in your partner that holds them from expressing their true feelings to you. Even when you are open about your feelings, they seem to brush it off with a smile. And when they do say the words, it seems to lack genuine joy and appreciation.

3. Your partner is not interested in sex anymore

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Sex with your partner was something that did not need to be talked about, it was organic. Your partner never gave away a chance to make love to you. But you no longer have that connection with your partner. Your partner seems disinterested in intimacy. Every time you make a conversation about it, your partner tends to deviate from the subject.

4. Your partner does not share their problems with you anymore 

You were their first point of contact. Every time they had a problem they ran to you. You were their first phone call and the shoulder they relied in the times of trouble. All of this has slowly faded away, they have closed down. Your partner does not seem to be comfortable enough to share their worries with you.

5. Your partner is not responsive to your emotional breakdown anymore 

Your sad face made your partner worry so much. They did anything and everything they could to cheer you up. But those days have passed, even if you cry to gain your partner's attention, they tend to avoid or neglect it. They are no longer bothered by your emotions nor by your heartbreak.

6. Your partner does not want to discuss the future with you anymore

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You had dreams and goals together. Even before you were serious about your relationship, your partner discussed their plans with you. Now you have reached a stage in your relationship where you feel they are not comfortable talking about future plans. You feel he is no longer invested in you and the relationship.

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